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Deaths in Pawtucket 14 & 15 Oct 1918 ~ Transcript from Death Register page

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  • Linda
    Evening Group, ~~~Sorry Paw & Maw...another post to review~~~ I received a photocopy of the deaths registered in Pawtucket 14 -15 Oct 1918 from RI Archives in
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 1, 2008
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      Evening Group,

      ~~~Sorry Paw & Maw...another post to review~~~

      I received a photocopy of the deaths registered in Pawtucket 14 -15
      Oct 1918 from RI Archives in today's mail & thought I'd post the
      information just in case someone is there that you may be looking for.

      Rather ironic that this morning I received my flu shot and the
      majority of these deaths that I am posting were the flu or apparently
      flu related. It's one thing to read about the 1918 Flu Pandemic in
      school during history class but seeing the names, even just this one
      page from the deaths register, really brings it home.

      This is a page 228 out of the "Deaths Registered in the City of
      Pawtucket for The Year ending December 31st, 1918" Deaths at this
      time didn't get recorded on a separate death certificate but in a
      ledger style book, one individual per line which spanned over the two
      page width of the book. Pages are typewritten with a few corrections
      written in.

      The format for the information is: Date of death, name, age - y/m/d,
      place of death - street & number, sex, color* see note, condition (M,
      married; S, single; W widow/widower), occupation, place of birth,
      birthplace of parents, name of parents, place of burial, informant and
      relation to deceased, diseases or causes of death, >skipping physician
      name, if you really want it for an entry, let me know<, undertaker.

      *All were "W" aka white so it's redundant to enter it for each death.
      I also didn't enter the date of recording which was usually 2 days
      later but in some cases as late as 31 Oct & 20 Nov. Same as for the
      physician...if you want it, just ask.

      Where the person inputting the data into the death register didn't
      have/know the information it was either left blank or an " * " was
      entered. " ? " was entered where apparently the clerk or informant
      was unsure if the information was correct.

      14 - Mary MALLO, 24, 23 Dawson, F,M, housekeeper, Austria, AH, AH,
      Michael & Mary, Notre Dame, Joseph MALLO, lobar pneumonia, L Heroux & S

      14 - Frederick McELROY, 21, 427 West Ave, M, S, machinist, Pawtucket,
      A, A, Charles H & Catherine, St Marys, mother, influenza, D F O'Neill

      14 - Philip PARTINGTON, 55/8, 72 Coyle Ave, M, M, machinist, Bolton
      England, E, E, Oliver & Mary, Oak Grove, wife, cerebral hemorrhage, T
      T Berry & S

      14 - Marie PFEFFERLE, 39/10/14, 22 Vincent Ave, F, M, housekeeper,
      Switzerland, Switzer-land(written across both columns ran out of room
      & put "-land" underneath), Etienne & Frosin, St Francis (crossed out)
      Notre Dame (written in above), Joseph PFEFFERLE, broncho pneumonia,
      Herbert Roy

      14 - James POLOQUIN, 35, Emergency Hospital res 208 Woodbine, M, S,
      laborer in coal yard, Massachusetts, C, C, Benjamin & *, Oak Grove,
      Fred PICARD nephew, influenza & pneumonia, C H Tierney

      14 - Mary SILVA, 25?, Pakr Place Hosp res 355 East Ave, F, *,
      >blank<, Portugal, *, *, *, Mt St Marys, Steven T NYE Overseer of
      the Poor, influenza pneumonia, V J McLoon

      14 - Fred TRIPP, 7/7, 244 Mendon Ave, M, S, >blank<, Pawtucket, *, A,
      * & Lottie, Mt St Marys, Mrs George FROST, double pneumonia, C H Tierney

      14 - Frank ZACHATZSCH, 15, 125 Norfolk Ave, M, S, lace worker,
      Pawtucket, G, G, Frank & Millie, Walnut Hill, Father, primary cause
      grippe secondary pneumonia, T T Berry & S

      15 - John William ALDRICH, 60?, M, * >blank<, *, Memorial Hospital res
      *, M, *, >blank<, *, *, *, *, Oak Grove, *, cardio-renal pulmonary
      oedema, G E Brown

      15 - BULLOCK, x---------x, 47 West Cole, F, S, >blank<, Pawtucket E,
      E, George & Dorothy, Moshassuck, Father, still born spina bifida, G E

      15 - BURDICK, x---------x, 377 Broadway, M. S, >blank<, Pawtucket, A,
      A, Arthur * Gladys H, Oak Grove, Father, still born mother had
      influenza & pneumonia, T T Berry & S

      15 - Gladys Hortense BURDICK, 28, 377 Broadway, F, M, >blank<
      Pawtucket, A, E, George F & Bertha H, Oak Grove, Ruth PERKINS sister,
      influenza & pneumonia, T T Berry & S

      15 - Lomand COOPER, 20, Memorial Hospital res Lincoln, M, S,
      bleachery hand, Lincoln, S, I, Garvin & Annie F, Moshassuck, Hugh
      COOPER grandfather, lobar pneumonia (bilateral) D W Bellows & S

      15 - Philip James DEAN, Jr, 14/2, 1155 Newport Ave, M, S, >blank<
      Pawtucket, A, A, Philip & Mary A, Mt St Marys, Philip DEAN father,
      grippe & pneumonia, C H Tierney

      15 - Joseph DEGNAN, >blank</7/2, 42 Grotto Ave, M, S, >blank<,
      Pawtucket, A, A, Martin & Helen, St Francis, James DEGNAN uncle, lobar
      pneumonia, V J McLoon

      15 - Mathilda DESMARAIS, 35, Blackstone Hosp res Pawtucket, F, M,
      housewife, Canada, C, C, Onesime & Marie, Notre Dame, Husband, broncho
      pneumonia following influenza, T F Flynn

      15 - Merillian DUNCAN, 26/5/29, 442 Smithfield Ave, F, M, housekeeper,
      England, E, E, John R & Ann M, No Burial Gr Providence, Husband,
      pneumonia, G E Brown

      15 - Edmond DUPRE, 29/3/24, 21 Magnolia, M, M, storekeeper, Rhode
      Island, C, C, Amedee & Odile, Notre Dame, Mrs. Edmond DUPRE, influenza
      & double pneumonia, Norbert Roy

      15 - Mary FLAHERTY, 66, 107 Lonsdale Ave, F, W, housekeeper, Ireland,
      I, I, John & Rose, Mt St Marys, Mrs J HYDMAN daughter, arterio
      sclerosis cerebral apoplexy, D F O'Neill

      15 - Madeline A. LAMB, 17/3/25, 484 Central Ave, F, S, high school
      pupil, Pawtucket, A, A, Thomas & Annie, Annie LAMB mother, broncho
      pneumonia following influenza, V J McLoon

      15 - Eva MARCOUX, 25, Park Place Hosp res Central Falls, F, M,
      housekeeper, United States, C, C, Napoleon & Alphonsine, Notre Dame,
      George B MARCOUX, influenza pneumonia, L Heroux & S

      15 - Frank MONTE, 13, 27 Davis, M, S, >blank<, Azore Islands, Azore
      Is (written across both columns), Joe & Mary, Mt St Marys, Father,
      pneumonia, T F Flynn

      15 - Mary A McCAFFREY, 70, 929 North Main, F, W, housewife, Pawtucket,
      I, I, Eugene & Mary, Mt St Marys, Daughter, broncho pneumonia, T F Flynn

      15 - James McGILL, 26, RI Hospital Prov M, S, cook, Pawtucket, I, I,
      Thomas & Susan, Mt St Marys, Mary J McCORMIC widow, influenza, D E Manning

      15 - James H SHERLOCK, 32, Emergency Hospital res 15 Vernon, M, S,
      laborer, Pawtucket, I, I, Simon & Ellen, Mt St Marys, Emmett SHERLOCK
      brother, influenza & pneumonia, V J McLoon

      15 - Edouard TURCOTTE, >blank</>blank</6, 41 John, M, S, >blank<,
      Pawtucket, A, A, Archille & Therese, Mt Calvary Valley Falls, Archille
      TURCOTTE, convulsions cause unknown, L Heroux & S

      This last entry was written in at the bottom of the page much later in
      1947 -
      * March 24, 1947, Oct 15 1918, Antonia ZUICUICZ alias Antonia
      ZIUNEIWICZ alias Mary ZENAVAC, 28/?/?, F, M, housewife, Poland russia,
      /, /, ----------Binkiewicz (Not sure if this is a given name but
      looks like maybe the mother's maiden since it's at the far right of
      the space), Mt St Marys Pawt, Aleck MAZEKA, lobar pneumonia, D E Manning

      At the bottom of the left page, written in "* See Miscel Book # 2 -
      Page 206" "*See Miscel Book # 5 page 203"

      Register is signed by Herbert A. FULLER, City Clerk

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