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7842RE: CROSBY Place of Death & Genealogy Bank request KLEIN from the thread Re: [RI_Ancestors] Re: : A lil help please

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  • Lisa Lepore
    Jul 24, 2014

      Proquest is a service that digitizes newspapers then offers these databases to libraries and other institutions.  Unfortunately, the cost for a library to subscribe is very high, so although proquest has many papers to offer,

      what seems to happen is that the library will subscribe to only it’s local area paper.  So, if you are in California, you will likely see the historical LA times, or the San Diego paper, but not the NY Times, or the Chicago Tribune.


      As far as I am aware, an individual cannot subscribe to proquest, but if you could, the cost is probably astronomical.  Check your local library to see what they offer.  Sometimes you can access the proquest databases from home with your card, but it seems more and more that you need to go into the library for access.  Maybe home access costs more? 


      If you have any access to a college library you might find some there as well.





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      Subject: RE: CROSBY Place of Death & Genealogy Bank request KLEIN from the thread Re: [RI_Ancestors] Re: : A lil help please



      Thanks for that information Sue, I’ve book marked some of the links you sent through.  I wanted to ask on this list if anyone belongs to something called ProQuest?  Has anyone used it?  Any recommendations or comments about it?





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      Subject: Re: CROSBY Place of Death & Genealogy Bank request KLEIN from the thread Re: [RI_Ancestors] Re: : A lil help please


      Since I worked in libraries for a while, I do like to give them a try.  The Tooele Public Library sent me a digital copy of an obit for free-took them a few days but it was free.  And, occasionally a historical society or genealogical group will come through for me.  Don't give up on all libraries.  Sue


      On Tuesday, July 22, 2014 3:30 PM, "Linda Peloquin miyukichan0987@... [RI_Ancestors]" <RI_Ancestors@yahoogroups.com> wrote:



      Hi Sue,

      Thanks for giving it a try. I'd think he'd had an obit being this recent a death but maybe not. Newspapers are beginning to charge a hefty amount to publish an obit so now I've noticed around here in the Projo there's just as likely to be a very short death notice - so & so died on - that then directs people to the funeraly home's site for the full obit.

      Great for the time of the funeral & a couple of years beyond and then after that *POOF* gone into cyber never-never land and lost to all forever. The longest funeral home obit archives I've encountered have been 5 yrs after which the *poof* happens and the usual seems to be 2 - 3 yrs before obit extinction.

      newspaperarchive.com not to be confused with Ancestry's similarly named Newspapers.com you've asked about - There like all these sites, it depends on what area & period you're interested in. The only area they cover so far that is of interest to me is Port Jervis - Middletown, Orange Co, NY. I've been hoping for more PA - Matamoras & vicinity just over the river from Port Jervis; CA - San Fran & LA; more NYC - Staten Island early 1900's; NJ - Morris Co 1700 - 1900 but so far nothing so I've not done a paid subscription.

      Other areas & eras of interest in NY I've been lucky to find on the NY newspaper site, Old Fulton Postcards which, yes, did originally start out as a postcard site but morphed into one of the biggest repositories of newspaper page images - in the double digit millions. According to the site today - 26,800,000 pages. And all FREE! There are a smattering of newspapers from other states but for intents & purposes, it's a NY site. http://fultonhistory.com/Fulton.html

      Owner Tom Tryniski is a one man show & is constantly adding to the database. The biggest problem with the site is it's hard to use. I find I've the most success with Boolean searches there.

      Mr. Tryniski concentrates on getting content onto the site rather than fancy graphics or a slightly easier search function but the search page is actually split-screen so while searching on the left side, one can dropdown in the FAQ on the right side to an extensive discussion of searching types/formats & keep that open to refer to. ( http://reason.com/reasontv/2013/03/05/amateur-beats-gov-at-digitizing-newspape ; http://blog.eogn.com/2014/05/19/tom-tryniski-digitizes-27-million-old-newspaper-pages-in-his-living-room-while-commercial-services-fight-to-catch-up/ ; http://www.americanancestors.org/historical-newspaper-research-for-new-york-state-ancestors/ )

      What I do have at newspaperarchive.com is a free account. When I signed on board, they were giving 100 free views before cutting you off & you needing to subscribe but recently they've reduced that to 25 free looks. I've used a couple of those free looks to download some articles for my Port Jervis branch but have been very choosy since I didn't want to blow through the whole 100 - now 25.

      What their searches give is a tiny thumbnail - way to small for anything but to see in general what the page looked like & that's accompanied by the newspaper title, date, page info and a short, somewhat scrambled few lines from the segment containing the name you searched. Sometimes those article synopsises don't mention the searched for name & that can be frustrating.

      The search page lets one closely tailor the search to state, city/town - only listed are those for which the site has newspapers in their database, and decade w/in the decades that are carried of the newspapers in the database for a specific city/town.

      I like the site & would possibly take some $$ from a temp job paycheck to subscribe if they carried more of the towns w/in various states and eras within those states that I'm interested in but with just the Port Jervis - Middletown papers in the list of places I hunt, right now it's not worth the budget squeeze for me even it it were the good old pre Recession days.

      I've found a way around the free view limit which I'll be using even more now that the 100 has been trimmed to 25. First I sign-in at the site & run my search. When I find something, I copy & paste the teaser snippet & park it in Word/Word Pad, then - very important to do - I sign out. Next I google specific phrases from the teaser & usually I can get a google hit. Then I can open the google hit, bring up the newspaper page image with the article I want & grab it via Paint. IF I've remembered to sign-out first, this free view doesn't count against my free view total at the site. The site allows 1 free view per 24 hr period. So, that's how to extend the free views at the site. Be very careful when running a google search & getting hits from this site because as soon as you click on it, it'll go straight to the image & count as your 1 freebie for the 24 hr period...no txt preview page so you can determine first if that hit is what you really want.

      As for the Newspaper.com site you DID ask about, I've no experience it & will let someone else weight-in on that one.

      Being that the Recession converted this household from a 2 pay, middle income household to a 1 pay - minimum wage, working poor household & essentially eliminated my research budget, I've been holding off on contacting any libraries as probably the only other possible paper for an obit would be the larger, nearby Kingston Daily Freeman & I know there's fees involved with that so I'll being doing w/o an obit even if there had been one in the KDF because Herbert isn't direct line. An obit would be really nice to have but if I spend my pennies there, then I don't have them for something I might find in my direct line.

      Thanks again for trying.



      On Tue, 7/22/14, Sue Mullane nmsue@... [RI_Ancestors] <RI_Ancestors@yahoogroups.com> wrote:

      Subject: Re: CROSBY Place of Death & Genealogy Bank request KLEIN from the thread Re: [RI_Ancestors] Re: : A lil help please
      To: "RI_Ancestors@yahoogroups.com" <RI_Ancestors@yahoogroups.com>
      Date: Tuesday, July 22, 2014, 12:03 PM

      Hi Linda-
      searched Genealogy Bank and came up empty handed.  (I
      really do feel this is a bad site.)  I
      put in Herbert Klein and then Herbert Alexander Klein using
      the exact date and just the year.  Very frustrating.  If I
      were you, would write to the local public library -
      reference section and request an obit.  Most of the time,
      these folks are willing to send a digital copy for free.
       Its worth a try.
      anyone know anything about Newspapers.com?  Is it a better
      site.  Sue

      On Monday, July 21, 2014 9:50 AM, "Linda
      Peloquin miyukichan0987@... [RI_Ancestors]"
      <RI_Ancestors@yahoogroups.com> wrote:

      Pawt. Public may have dropped ProQuest but they
      still have Newsbank w/Pawt. Times to 1921 so just to add to
      what Sue already posted Re: Alice - the death notice says
      she died in Providence.

      BTW Sue, good to know that Genealogy Bank isn't worth
      the $$'s. I've looked at their lists of newspapers
      for the states I'm interested in and either they
      don't have my city/town - area covered or if they do
      have it, it's all relatively recent newspapers in the
      2000's & only rarely do I need an obit that new.

      That said, I did notice that they have the Saugerties, NY
      Post Star from Jun 2010 to present. Is it possible for you
      to take a look & see if there was an obit for Herbert
      Alexander Klein, Jr. d. Saugerties 26 Dec 2011? He was b.
      13 Jun 1947 Middletown, Orange Co, NY ; h/o Brenda A.
      Wickham, s/o Herbert, Sr. & wf Elsie Marie German.

      Otherwise, I've given up doing searches in Genealogy
      Bank for obits because they always give such a generic
      result i.e. "We've found 50 obituaries in
      newspapers for...." and that's too broad &
      useless. Basically that tells me nothing other than there
      were 50 people maybe of the same or similar name as the one
      I'm hunting that died & had obits published &
      usually not in the period I'm looking at. But, the page
      never fails to include a solicitation for me to

      The rare few obits or other articles of interest I've
      found that were on Genealogy Bank, I've found via doing
      a Google search & have gotten via a post on the
      genealogy.com & Ancestry boards for a look-up.
      It's just not worth subscribing for those occasionally
      rare finds.



      On Sun, 7/20/14, Sue Mullane nmsue@... [RI_Ancestors]
      <RI_Ancestors@yahoogroups.com> wrote:

      Subject: [RI_Ancestors] Re: : A lil help please

      To: "RI_Ancestors@yahoogroups.com"

      Date: Sunday, July 20, 2014, 10:11 AM

      I went onto Genealogy Bank

      which overall I find useless and plan to drop my

      subscription.  However, I did find a little

      much but a little.


      Newman: SS Death Index:Rhode

      Island, born Tuesday, Feb. 3, 1920.  Death April 1984 at

      years, 2 months.Last

      known residence:  Rumford East Providence, zip code

       Location of Last Benefit Paid:  Rumford, East

       (Please note I could not find an obituary.  Libraries

      probably your best bet.  Write and request an



      Murdock Crosby:  Pawtucket Times:  Widow of Charles S.

      Crosby, and mother of Herbert M. Crosby.  In 60th Year.

       Published Nov. 29th 1915.  They said her son was

      Herbert, not Henry.  


      but this is all I could find on Genealogy Bank looking

      both obituaries and checking the SSDI.  However, from

      I have read, the SSDI does not have all earlier records.

       They didn't have my grandmother for



      luck.  Sue

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