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7841RE: CROSBY Place of Death & Genealogy Bank request KLEIN from the thread Re: [RI_Ancestors] Re: : A lil help please

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  • Lisa Lepore
    Jul 24, 2014

      Hi Linda,


      I just looked at the list of newspapers at genealogybank.com and it does not include the Saugerties NY Post Star.





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      Hi Sue,

      I like libraries, too. I was in the Library Club in HS & while my kids were in grade school, I volunteered all through their elementary grades in the school library repairing books - major rebuilds in some cases aka everything you ever wanted to know about bookbinding but never knew you wanted to know it - new books, they literally don't make 'em like they used t;, processing in new books, doing reading groups, and whatever else the school librarian needed assistance with & all w/o a Library Sciences degree - just BS in secondary edu - physics, chemistry, math & one in elementary edu - general science - so I guess that all helped.

      That aside, I am noticing more & more libraries instituting fees, most probably in response to less & less funding & local gov't support. I can't blame them & understand it but I just don't have the budget for it any more. The worst one was Buffalo? or maybe it was Rochester, NY, anyway, somewhere out western NY a few years back. At the time, what stuck with me wasn't the "where" so much as the cost. They wanted a $30/hr min. fee to look-up a couple of obits in addition to the cost of the obits. I skipped the obits.

      I know there are fees Upstate NY Saugerties/Kingston/Lake Katrine/High Falls/Stone Ridge areas as I've a main line w/branches in the general area & have sought obits/graduations/weddings/legal notices before from the Kingston Daily Freeman. KDF up into the 40's can be had on Ancestry & there's more recent years on OFP but the things I was looking for were like the Klein obit, very recent - 1980's - 2000's and that stuff isn't on line :\ just too recent.

      However, I too have also gotten a lot of help from the one and only NY library that will do look-ups in the NY BMD index microfilms that aren't available outside of NY. Not even LDS has these in their vast library.

      Well, I won't become an ancestor myself if I don't get an obit for Herbert Klein; it'll just take a lot longer to find out what I'm trying find for his family group.



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      Subject: Re: CROSBY Place of Death & Genealogy Bank request KLEIN from the thread Re: [RI_Ancestors] Re: : A lil help please
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      Date: Tuesday, July 22, 2014, 5:49 PM

      Since I worked in
      libraries for a while, I do like to give them a try.  The
      Tooele Public Library sent me a digital copy of an obit for
      free-took them a few days but it was free.  And,
      occasionally a historical society or genealogical group will
      come through for me.  Don't give up on all libraries.

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