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7763RE: [RI_Ancestors] Adoption Question and DNA

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  • Lisa Lepore
    Jul 2 9:29 PM

      Hi Nancy-Jo,


      RI recently opened its adoption records, but unfortunately only the adoptee can request their original birth certificate.   I don’t see any provisions

      provisions for people who are deceased.   The woman from Canada could probably ask the court to unseal the record, but I don’t know

      if the attitude about that is generally favorable or not.  Maybe she could contact a lawyer to get some advice.    




      I don’t know how else you could approach this problem unless you have an idea of who her birth parents might have been?  Have you

      asked any of your older relatives?  Mother or aunts?  They may know something.  With a 99% match to a woman who was born in 1920,

      could it be a sister of your great grandmother?








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      Hello listers,

      How is everyone?  I wanted to write and ask if Rhode Island’s adoption papers/files would be open from the year 1920?  Does anyone know where I could write to find out where a birth record might be from Providence?


      I took my DNA back in 2002 with www.familytreedna.com, I’m very satisfied with the results as it validated my own research to the best that I could tell.  Anyway a woman from Canada – native/Canadian Indian, matches me and her grandmother was adopted.  She did the DNA testing because the grandmother is deceased and she wanted to find out more about her.  She matched my DNA almost 99% so I’m on the hunt to find out (1) who was the woman who gave up the child and (2) what was the babies original name.


      Any clues as to how I should proceed?  Thanks much.


      Nancy-Jo Nunez

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