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  • Nancy-Jo Nunez
    Jun 30 9:45 AM
      Thank you so much for this Linda. And on another note about DMVs...trust me, here in Santa Clara County, the DMV has one of those electronic signs with "Total Wait Time in this facility" of course it's pretty accurate but I've never seen a DMV in the country that wasn't a mess. I spent two and a half hours in line without an appointment.

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      The first divorce file I got I lucked out & already had the case # from some other paperwork. the 2nd one, I just called Family court, they took my info & directed me to call back the next day after they'd had a chance to look up the number. No mention of needing to order a "final decree". Each file was off site & had to be retrieved before I could go & look at & copy it. Both of mine were mid 1940's so perhaps it's my post re: the process I went through you're referencing. I must have lucked out that 2nd time.

      "I'm sure it depends on who is on the job that day and whether they feel like doing you a favor, or making you jump thru the hoops." Sadly, SOP for many departments in RI gov't, it seems. The DMV used to be really bad but has improved light years over the past 5 yrs or so. Still, so many people have been so scarred by previous horrid Registry experiences back from the old Smith Hill & Pawtucket (the High St location was always a crowded mess w/ insufficient parking. Parking was better at the Apex location but one could still blow an entire day just trying to register a car) locations that it's hard to find anyone who willing goes to the Registry w/o dreading it.


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      Got a 1902 divorce from the Pawtucket archives no problem. Full copy of the paperwork, not just the "decree," which is what Family Court gives for later divorces.

      At some point the records switch from on-site to off-site storage, early 1910-20s maybe, and then you have to order, know the case number and wait a few days.

      I got two 1940s case files, but had to get the case number from Family, which would not just "go look it up."
      I had to order divorce decrees. It sounds like someone else here was just able to get the info without ordering. I'm sure it depends on who is on the job that day and whether they feel like doing you a favor, or making you jump thru the hoops.

      Posted by: Linda Peloquin <miyukichan0987@...>

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