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7752Re: RI Divorces, replying with my experience

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  • Judith
    Jun 13 5:44 AM
      My great grandmother  was JENNIE VICTORIA (Hall) COON, born Hopkinton. I never found her divorce from husband # 1 of 3..

      She left RI for Waterford CT, where she lived ( 1900 CENSUS) with grandmother Sarah Ann ( Kenyon ) Wright and step grandfather , Albert Wright. Jennie V. Coon was orphaned very early in life.

      IN THE 1900 Census in Waterford, she is JENNIE V. O'BRIEN, married 3 years!!!!!!  I never found any marriage for her to an O' Brien in CT or RI. 

      Consequently, I never found a divorce---it would have been between 1900 and 1904.   I visited RI Judicial Records, a nice little goldmine--- but no divorce found!!!!!!!!!!!! Also looked in CT. Hmmm. 

      I think she married a sailor, and, KNOWING THIS WILD SIDE of the family, I would lean towards her being a bigamist when she married husband # 2 of 3( my ancestor, Bertram LaJoy).

      I should look at this again from scratch, as I was new to genealogy when I worked on this little mystery.      I highly recommend RI Judicial Archives !!!!!     Jude. 

      On Jun 13, 2014, at 3:24 AM, "Linda Peloquin miyukichan0987@... [RI_Ancestors]" <RI_Ancestors@yahoogroups.com> wrote:


      I've not looked that early but recently did get 2 divorces from the 1940's which I'd have thought, given all the privacy BS (don't get me started on what an illusion "privacy" is these days) I'd have thought these would have been near on impossible to lay hands on especially since I'd have not been able to get the marriage certs for either of these marriages since they were more recent than 100 yrs ago.

      Someone here mentioned getting a divorce from Family Court & what it cost which was quite a bit more than what I paid but I found that the only need I had for speaking with the Family Court clerks was to get the case #/specific dates.

      The divorce records are at the Supreme Judicial Court Archives out in Pawtucket, RI. when going in person, they need 24 hrs to get the record retrieved from their off site storage & then you or someone else who can do it for you, goes in with a bag of quarters or wad of $1 for the change machine, they give you the file, you bop over to one of 2 copy machines abt. a dozen feet opposite the counter where you asked for the file & start copying away, a quarter a page.

      As to whether you can also get copies made & mailed to you....I'd think so & cost... I don't know. I was able to make the trip to Pawtucket & copy the records myself so I never bothered to ask about the things someone unable to go in person would want to know. A phone call to Pawt. should be able to get those answers tough.


      On Thu, 6/12/14, 'Nancy-Jo Nunez' NJNUNEZ@... [RI_Ancestors] <RI_Ancestors@yahoogroups.com> wrote:

      Subject: [RI_Ancestors] Divorces in Rhode Island
      To: RI_Ancestors@yahoogroups.com
      Date: Thursday, June 12, 2014, 4:16 PM


      Hello listersHow is everyone?  Has anyone
      gone after divorce records in Rhode Island and been
      successful around the timeframe of 1900-1920?  Just curious what the
      experience was like.  Thank you.  Nancy-Jo

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