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7582Sources/Links for Records On Line

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  • miyukichan0987
    Feb 10, 2014

      OK, I admit before the changes to Yahoo mail this past summer that made it a bit less user friendly, I used to use my inbox as  file to save stuff because I was too lazy to make a proper file & save it to my computer.

      So, now I'm sorting through everything & came across these links I'd sort of think about from time to time but could never remember the names of so as to search in the in box for emails.

      Way back in 2008-2009 there was a member with the user name    "surnamesearchdaily"    in the Yahoo Brickwalls group who would regularly post links to 3 sites that aggregated information on new records sources on line. 

      In looking at the current content from one of these links, I just discovered, for example, that images of 1910 census schedules for various places in GA are on line FREE from https://archive.org/details/ .  I would never have thought to look on the Internet Archives site for digitized census schedules!

      And from FL State Archives, images of WWI military service records cards - great for someone because the 1973 fire in Kansas City, MO destroyed military service records for the period 1912 - 1960.

      GA & FL...not exactly New England but that's just an example & I've just started exploring the sites after have not seen them for several years.  It's a smorgasbord of offerings from all over which  include to be places to look for records on might not have previously considered, sites we all are already familiar with, dead links, etc.; mostly free stuff but also some paywalls.   I don't know what else I'll find as I sort back through the lists on these sites.

      I thought I'd pass the site links on so anyone interested in exploring them could do so especially since it's winter, it's cold outside &  other than shoveling snow, there's not a lot to do outside unless you're a fan of the cold & are really into winter sports activities - the only winter thing I used to like was skiing but I gave that up when an "adult, all day-all lifts" ticket at my favorite area, Killington, VT, passed the $40 mark so now, it's pass the hot coco & I'll watch you from the comfort of indoors. 

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