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  • finnjordan4
    Feb 4, 2014
      Thank you Sue for such an encouraging email. Nelson is five generations back and I need to go back to some town halls in RI again, now that I've been at this a bit. Just yesterday I read an article, through Killingly Historical Society, that includes, whom I think to be, a grandson of Nelson; my husband's gg uncle as the owner of a sport and hardware store. Doors are starting to open....fun!

      Again, thanks!


      On 02/04/14, Sue Mullane wrote:

      I have found my ancestors names spelled a multiple of ways. So, the fact that someone put Gordon instead of Jordon does not mean that the marriage record isn't for your ancestors. Personally, I would say its your ancestors but make a note that the person "copying" the record did not put the correct name down. And, its probably easy to mistake a "J" for a "G." Even today, deciphering someone's handwriting is not easy. (Note, found errors on the 1940 census by Ancestry so mistakes still being made today.)

      Since your new, just be advised that family members also spelled their names different ways. I have multiple families with multiple spellings of a surname. Ginnings, Gennings, Jennings, Jinnings were all found for the same family. And, record keepers, clerks spelled surnames according to how the name was pronounced many times. The surname Tracey in one instance became Tracee.

      I have been researching for almost 40 years and I am still learning. Sue

      On Monday, February 3, 2014 12:55 PM, "finnjordan4@..." <finnjordan4@...> wrote:

      Good idea, thanks. I have been wanting to go there and I know they are open Wed and Sat.......if we get through winter it will be a road trip. Prediction is snow to be measured in feet this weekend or beginning of next week. Love New England!

      Thanks Nancy!

      On 02/03/14, Nancy-Jo Nunez wrote:

      Hi there

      Here is a suggestion, see if you can find someone at the Killingly Historical Society locally there to do a search of the church records in the Killingly area?that might get you another certificate or citation, I?d have two to back up what you already have.

      Perhaps that?

      Nancy-Jo Nunez

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      Subject: Re: [RI_Ancestors] your thoughts

      There are a couple of people on the Mendon list that

      are very good at tracking details

      You might want to consider a query there? My family lived on both

      sides of the RI/MA border and also in the CT Killingly area

      (Trask surname)



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      From: finnjordan4 <finnjordan4@...>

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      Subject: [RI_Ancestors] your thoughts

      Hi Folks,

      I'm looking for some assurances/guidance. I'm too new at genealogy to know if what I discovered is proof enough. Here is the situation:

      I have been searching for proof of marriage of Nelson Jordan, b 1819 Coventry/Kent, RI

      to Rachel Andrews d 1850.

      I checked with Killingly Ct (as they made their home there) and I have birth cert of their son, Erwin/Irwin Jordan being born there 1848.

      Killingly has a line written of their marriage but the last name is: Gordon

      The Barbour Collection has:

      ANDREWS, .....

      Rachal, m. Nelson GORDON, b. of Killingly, Mar. 9, 1841,

      by Rev. Daniel Williams

      So...because I gather birth and death certs when found, and Killingly will give me a cert. stating the marriage, do I need to doubt this is

      their marriage? Is there another way to prove it further or ?????

      Would appreciate any input.......Thank you!

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