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  • cdcargill1@...
    Jan 19 11:20 AM
      This is so exciting!!!  Many of my relatives are from Scituate!!   Maybe I'll find new information!! 
      Carole Potter Cargill
      On 01/19/14, Lisa Lepore<lisa.lepore2@...> wrote:

      Well I suppose the thing to do now is figure out if it is a previously unknown cemetery, or if it is one of the lost cemeteries that

      hadn’t  been located as part of the RI cemetery transcription project, based on its location and number of graves.


      Can’t wait to find out, and I don’t even have any Smithfield people LOL







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      Well they went out this morning to the cemetery in the rain and snow. My husband said there are about 10 graves and he asked one of the older members of the group
      his opinion as to how old he thought the cemetery was. A guess, about the early 1700's maybe. They did outline the area with a yellow tape, about 30 square feet, and
      also put up the sign for it being the 118th Smithfield Historical Cemetery. I am trying to find out what next? Will someone research the land records for that spot? (That would
      be fun.)

      As I learn more I will send along an update.


      On 01/18/14, Lisa Lepore

      Great News!

      Thanks for letting us know.


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      Subject: [RI_Ancestors] Another cemetery discovered

      Hi Folks,

      My husband volunteers with The Friends of Smithfield Cemeteries. Below is a copy of an email he received.

      " We are very happy to report that we have found another cemetery in Smithfield. It is located in the woods between Clark Road and Whipple Road. If the weather is not TOO bad this Saturday morning, we plan to go there to clean it up for the first time in probably more than one hundred years! If you are at all interested in participating, please meet us at the Conservation Cabin at 9:00 to hear from Don, Lonnie, and Bob B. about how the cemetery was found, what it is like, and what condition it is in. Perhaps we can even match it up with one of our long missing cemeteries. In addition to cleaning the cemetery Saturday we should be able to probe for fallen headstones (only fieldstones are standing) and perhaps put up a temporary cemetery sign until a permanent one can be requested, made, and installed. It looks like this will be cemetery #118.....the first newly discovered cemetery since we numbered the airport cemetery as #117. See you on Saturday!!!"

      Not sure when more information will become available but I will be sure to forward it to you when/if it does.



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