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  • finnjordan4
    Jan 15, 2014
      Hi Lisa,

      The site does state it is an on-going project and will include the entire nation (eventually).

      I wonder if the column on the left, "Ask LC Newspaper and Current Periodicals Librarian", is a
      tool where they will research and respond about any and all (country wide) publications. It is
      worth a shot.

      The site gives one an option to sign up for updates as they occur.


      On 01/14/14, Lisa Lepore

      Hi Mickey,

      I have found quite a few articles from the Vermont and other newspapers in this collection. Curious that there are no papers from any of the other New England States.


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      One could also try, through the National Endowment for the Humanities:



      On 01/13/14, Lisa Lepore

      One thing you can do without a subscription is to look at the newspapers they carry. If they cover the timeframe and areas you are interested, then

      you can make a better decision about subscribing. I think newsbank is a subscription database for libraries not individuals. They have older papers, but

      it all depends on what the library has decided to subscribe to.


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      Newbank does go back before 2000. It all depends on the area you are looking in and how many of those papers they have scanned in. I do agree however the newspaperarchieves.com does have a lot more of the older papers and it is worth the price if you have the time to use it a lot. I got a ton of stuff there on my PA relatives but eventually cancelled my subscription for a time to get caught up on other things. I do plan to re-subscribe eventually.

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