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7426Re: [RI_Ancestors] Fwd: question about an older book

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    Jan 12, 2014
      You are accurate; someone (Nancy) on the Worcester list found it for me
      anad I was able to order it from Alibris rare boks and have it sent directly to Seattle

      Do you know what I might have done wrong in my google search?

      I tried The Savage Shore
      A Savage Shore
      perhaps I didn't use the s at the end or something?
      I thought my searching skills were better than that
      My first computer was a CRT tube with a teletype keyboard and I always thought I was "hot stuff"  to use the vernacular!!!

      thanks again to all who responded

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      There is a Romance novel by Emma Wildes call Savage Shores that comes up in a Google search. Its #1 in her Improper Ladies series. :-)

      Sandy from Colorado
      On Sun, 1/12/14, I <Jeanhaverhill@...> wrote:

      Subject: [RI_Ancestors] Fwd: question about an older book
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      Subject: question about an older book

      Friends in genealogy:

      My sister is elderly and has just moved
      from California to the cold climate of Seattle

      be with her son's

      She is asking me for a book called
      "Savage Shore"  or "Savage

      She reads a lot of history and genealogy

      all of her possessions in CA can be
      considered lost and we wanted to

      find this book for her.

      I have checked Amazon, Google, Worldcat
      and asked my reference librarian

      and I am stuck.  Because my sister
      is elderly I can't go back and ask her to

      repeat it (she has used the name about 6
      or 8 times)

      Does anyone have any suggestions?
       It is not about Australia or South

      which are the 2 books that come up but
      I'm sure she reads about New England,

      Mayflower,  Massachusetts

      Any ideas?  I don't know where
      to look next.




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