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  • Lisa Lepore
    Jan 5, 2014
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      There is at least one book about this place –



      The White House Boys – An American Tragedy.

      Roger Kiser


      The author of this book has a website http://thewhitehouseboys.com/rogerkiser.html


      It’s beyond words.


      There is a section there about the cemetery.  Although there are some graves, they are not marked with headstones, and

      as part of a study by a University in Florida it is apparent that there are far more graves than the 31 marked.





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      Sad situations indeed and probably much more widespread than one would think.  There's an ongoing investigation of a boy's "school" here in Florida that operated well into the 1960s I believe.  It seems to have been a torturous environment for the "students" and I think they've found several unmarked graves.


      A similar historic even from the late 1800s (I think) were the orphan trains that uprooted unwanted children in the Eastern USA and relocated them in the west with families, farmers and others that "needed" them.  The thought was to provide them with a good home rather than having them live in an orphanage but I don't think it always worked out that way.


      A Google search reveals info on both ...


      Bob A.



      On Jan 4, 2014, at 12:25 PM, Lisa Lepore wrote:



      I mentioned earlier finding something about a similar school in Chicago.  I was helping someone on another list find out why her relative had been sent to this place,

      and what it was exactly.   I just found my information and while it doesn’t pertain to Sarah Ice, it was a similar situation –


      The place was called the Chicago Parental School.  Children who were truants were sent there.  It started out for boys only, then a school for girls was added later.  Children were sent there after

      a hearing at something called the Juvenile Court – for not attending school and for misbehaving when they were in school.   In 1923 there was a trial  concerning floggings at the school where boys

      were beaten severely, then sent to the ‘guard house’ until their bruises had healed.   Their letters home were taken by the administration, and the letters to them from their families were not delivered.

      Three administrators were said to be responsible, but by the time of the trial they had disappeared.


      If anyone wants the article, I’ll send it to you.  It doesn’t pertain to the case of Sarah Ice, except that there was the same level of brutality of some of the administrators against the children there.


      I think a lot of these institutions had this sort of problem.  A big disconnect between the idea of what the institution was supposed to be doing and the hiring of employees who had their own







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      This came from my cousin on the Soule side in response to all your help!




      Thank everyone for their generous help with this.  I have requested further information on Sarah from the Archives and hope to hear back from them soon.



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