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5312Re: amasa pratt homestead

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  • armchair_genealogist
    Nov 1, 2011
      Looks like an older child/teenager perhaps.These poor lost souls are wandering all about.My brother lives in the old Benoni Rogers farmhouse and you probably need more than two hands to count all those who moved on to the netherworld while in his house(he thinks his home is haunted).My great great grandmother's brother lived there and "died at home"according to the newspaper account of his demise.These lost souls are usually harmless and one should not get too worked up when they appear.Try not to let your imagination run wild........Mike
      --- In RI_Ancestors@yahoogroups.com, "Charles Rathbun" <rathbunc29@...> wrote:
      > The reason that I'm asking all these questions about this house is that in the 80s for some reason I was attracted to it! Even in the 80s I could not find out who owned it. I visited this house often I knew it inside and out. Now for the good part look at the picture of the house carefully, my wife and I were absolutely the only ones there that day. Look at the left side of the house, who or what is standing there? (A GHOST?) This has bothered me for many many years. Check it out.
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