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4749Re: [RI_Ancestors] Looking for Arnolds

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  • A F Clarke
    Apr 20, 2011
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      On 4/20/11 1:20 PM, Gloria Silverman wrote:
      > Hi Alan,
      > I don't have any pictures but I do have Emily
      > Gertrude's family lineage if you are interested.
      > Gloria (Albro) Silverman

      I'm very interested, Gloria. I'm trying to honor her by
      putting her in place with the other historians of East
      Greenwich. She has a DAR bronze at her grave with her
      name on it , so I think that and having her lineage
      gives her a lot of credibility.

      It would be nice to have a picture, but at this point I
      just want to know who she was.

      Thank you for any help.
      Alan Clarke

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      > Subject: [RI_Ancestors] Looking for Arnolds
      > Hi all,
      > I just know there are some of you who can make my
      > job a little easier. I have transcribed some historical
      > works by the late Emily Gertrude Arnold (12/10/1884 -
      > 1/29/1935, Nathanael Greene Ch, DAR) who lived on the
      > Warwick line with East Greenwich. I transcribe and make
      > such texts available at the town library as I find them,
      > since they can't seem to be found anywhere else.
      > She was the daughter of Andrew J. and Laura (Brown)
      > Arnold. She was the granddaughter of Stephen A. and Ann
      > E. Smith (sic), and ?? father's line Arnold. I suspect
      > she was a descendant of William Arnold, who owned the
      > Arnold Tavern in East Greenwich during the Revolution.
      > Gertrude Arnold was the official historian for East
      > Greenwich's 250th birthday celebration in 1927. Oddly,
      > though pictures are published of just about everyone on
      > the committees for that event, Miss Arnold's picture is
      > not. She never married, but I would like to know if
      > there are any collateral line descendants who might have
      > a picture of her. These deceased town historians are
      > getting lost along with the histories they wrote.
      > Since we might be speaking of living individuals,
      > it's fine to contact me off-list.
      > Thanks in advance to anyone who can help.
      > Alan Clarke
      > East Greenwich
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