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4746Looking for Arnolds

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  • A F Clarke
    Apr 18, 2011
      Hi all,
      I just know there are some of you who can make my
      job a little easier. I have transcribed some historical
      works by the late Emily Gertrude Arnold (12/10/1884 -
      1/29/1935, Nathanael Greene Ch, DAR) who lived on the
      Warwick line with East Greenwich. I transcribe and make
      such texts available at the town library as I find them,
      since they can't seem to be found anywhere else.
      She was the daughter of Andrew J. and Laura (Brown)
      Arnold. She was the granddaughter of Stephen A. and Ann
      E. Smith (sic), and ?? father's line Arnold. I suspect
      she was a descendant of William Arnold, who owned the
      Arnold Tavern in East Greenwich during the Revolution.
      Gertrude Arnold was the official historian for East
      Greenwich's 250th birthday celebration in 1927. Oddly,
      though pictures are published of just about everyone on
      the committees for that event, Miss Arnold's picture is
      not. She never married, but I would like to know if
      there are any collateral line descendants who might have
      a picture of her. These deceased town historians are
      getting lost along with the histories they wrote.
      Since we might be speaking of living individuals,
      it's fine to contact me off-list.

      Thanks in advance to anyone who can help.
      Alan Clarke
      East Greenwich
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