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    Mar 8, 2011
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      Thanks Linda, this is a good confirmation of my thoughts. I was lucky with the
      other side of my family who have used the same funeral home since the 1870's.
      That home is still in business and had great records and kindly shared tons of
      information i had not previously known. I'm going to try a city directory
      search on Ancestry to see if I can figure out where they were physically located
      so if there is a similar business there today I'll contact to see if any records

      I was very pleased to find many church records in the Woonsocket and Blackstone
      area had been transcribed by the folks at the American French society and those
      helped tremendously too.
      Kind Regards,
      Sandy from Colorado

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      I've encountered similar situations with ancestors having now defunct funeral
      homes/undertakers listed.

      Unfortunately, there are no rules in RI for the preservation of the records of
      funeral homes when they go out of business so most seem to be trashed.

      If one gets really lucky, another funeral home in the area will have taken over
      the defunct funeral home and with the absorption of that home also become
      custodian of the records.

      Even this doesn't always happen as I discovered a few years back when I thought
      I'd lucked out in finding a current funeral home that had taken over another
      home upon the owner's retirement only to learn from the people at the current
      home that the retired owner kept all the old records which, with the death of
      that person are now nowhere to be found.

      Basically, if the funeral home is gone, so too most probably, are the records.
      One could check with a local historical society or the RI Historical Society on
      the off chance that someone had the forethought to donate the records. RI
      Archives doesn't seem to have any.


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      Subject: [RI_Ancestors] Funeral Home - Gilbert & Wightman
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      Date: Monday, March 7, 2011, 7:28 PM

      Can any of our great RI researchers tell me who might know where the records
      from the Gilbert and Wightman Funeral Home in Woonsocket might be located? I
      can't find that place in business in RI and a death record for my Gr gr
      grandfather gives this place as the undertaker. Other family used the same
      Funeral Home. I'd love to find who has these records now or if anyone has
      transcribed them so I can search for more clues on the family.

      Kind Regards,
      Sandy from Colorado

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