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4115Re: What success in Westerly?

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  • armchair_genealogist
    Sep 1, 2010
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      I did some research very early on in my genealogy quest(5 years ago) and did not have any issues with them.I was allowed to enter the vault and poke around there unfettered.Even came across the marriage intention documents all rolled up for a couple of marriages I was researching.Most vault activity here in RI is a steady stream of realtor related people doing title searches etc.In some town halls I just sign in and get to work.After the spring floods I figured it would not be a good time to do research in Westerly and have postponed it to the fall.Was not doing land and town records research back then so hoping I can uncover something there.Also I might mention that my Pawcatuck ancestors from the mid to late 1800's show up in the Westerly census.So keep this in mind that perhaps your ancestor may have lived in another town and state!...........Mike
      --- In RI_Ancestors@yahoogroups.com, boles <rejoyce@...> wrote:
      > Joyce Boles wrote:
      > Has anyone gone to Westerly to read historic documents? What luck did
      > you have?
      > I am getting resistance from the Town Clerk's office, which is reporting
      > that only registered genealogists may search records. If RI has a
      > public records law, this restriction is probably illegal.
      > Other records are with the historical society and the library, I am told.
      > Is the volume of records so great one cannot read them all in a two-week
      > period?
      > What is the volume of records, exactly?
      > How many persons on this list are interested in such an effort? I am
      > looking at next April. I am thinking that a group descent on the Town
      > Hall might break open any resistance.
      > It might be possible to photograph all the records and put them all up
      > on the internet. I am surprised the Town Hall has not had them all
      > digitized so they can be brought to the waiting world.
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