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4111Re: [RI_Ancestors] What success in Westerly?

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  • Lisa Lepore
    Sep 1, 2010
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      This subject came up before, but this is the first time I have heard it about Westerly.

      It's possible that they are overloaded with requests at the current time. The Local History
      & Special collections at the Westerly Public library is closed now until their renovation is
      complete, so the Town must be getting annoyed with the increased gen. requests?

      Also, back in the spring they had major flooding in Westerly, so they are probably still
      cleaning up from that, with genealogy being the last thing on their minds.

      Not an excuse, just a possible reason for the current *bad attitude*

      I think lots of people on the list have researched in Westerly, so hopefully someone
      will chime in.

      In the meantime, check out the town's webpage

      there is a link for land records going back to 1850 [not early enough for you,
      but might help someone else]


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      From: boles
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      Subject: [RI_Ancestors] What success in Westerly?

      Joyce Boles wrote:

      Has anyone gone to Westerly to read historic documents? What luck did
      you have?

      I am getting resistance from the Town Clerk's office, which is reporting
      that only registered genealogists may search records. If RI has a
      public records law, this restriction is probably illegal.

      Other records are with the historical society and the library, I am told.

      Is the volume of records so great one cannot read them all in a two-week

      What is the volume of records, exactly?

      How many persons on this list are interested in such an effort? I am
      looking at next April. I am thinking that a group descent on the Town
      Hall might break open any resistance.

      It might be possible to photograph all the records and put them all up
      on the internet. I am surprised the Town Hall has not had them all
      digitized so they can be brought to the waiting world.

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