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2647Re: [RI_Ancestors] Time Sensitive-July 1, 2009;Hopkinton Planning Board Meeting-Ref: Hopkinton, R.I., Historical Cemetery#80

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    Jul 1, 2009
      It is quite obvious that a more dignified resolution should be approved. If this allegations are confirmed, and that would take time and dedication, everyone would rest more comfortably. The Narragansett-Cooke-Gaspee Chapter, Daughters of the American Revolution, owns and maintains Rhode Island Historic Cemetery # 25, Exeter, on the corner of William Reynolds and Purgatory Rd.. Rhode Island historian James Arnold in March 1880, noted, "there is a large grave in the northeast corner of this lot containing the remains of the town poor who were burned in the Peckham holocaust." Perhaps it has survived because a Revolutionary Hero, Corporal James Tennant, also died in the fire while he was visiting the poor house during the conflagration. His grave is marked, the others are massed and unmarked. Has the area yet been examined for evidence of such burials? With today's economy, anyone might end up in the poor house!
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      This is time sensitive. Tomorrow evening, Wednesday, July 1,2009; at Ashaway Elementary School, Hillside Avenue, Ashaway, R.I., the Hopkinton, R.I., Planning Board will be considering the Love's Truck Stop proposal located on Exit#1, off Interstate#95 in Hopkinton. This would be Route#3,.
      It relevance here is the location of Hopkinton Historical Cemetery#80, which is the cemetery of the "town farm" where the poor of Hopkinton were buried and cared for. This cemetery is clearly "missing" but should be located before any type of development takes place.
      The Hopkinton Historical Association is taking a leadership role in this proposal and has formed a committee concerning it. W. Edward Wood, is chairing it. Contact Mr. Wood with any questions at ed.wood@... or ed.wood@... ,. One of these or both should work.
      If you think you have forgotten family members in this cemetery you should be concerned. apparently no outside sign of these burials is visible on the surface. It is virtually certain the cemetery is on this property. Of interest when the town farm closed in Hopkinton, I recall no massive removal or graves to another site.
      Tomorrow the Planning Board will conduct a hearing on the matter. It is vital everything be put on record so when it is appealed in court which is highly likely, the court will make a judgment as I understand it solely on the record testimony. If attending and using Interstate #95 go south on Route#3, probably more three miles to entrance of Hillside Avenue.
      A number of family surnames are involved.
      FYI! BTW I am 56 today!
      Sharing with my Genealogy List, Mr. Wood, and other contacts through "Bcc:",.
      Relatively yours,

      Scott Bill Hirst
      20 Maple Court
      Ashaway,RI 02804-1300 USA
      Note:Telephone if you need quick reply.

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