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  • mylall@aol.com
    Hi Board members, I m forwarding Bill MacGillivray s e-mail, saying that Div. 39 bylaws require that RIAPP have a representative to Div. 39, so that the
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 2, 2010
      Hi Board members,
      I'm forwarding Bill MacGillivray's e-mail, saying that Div. 39 bylaws require that RIAPP have a representative to Div. 39, so that the division can communicate with him/her concerning Section IV (local chapters) business. That person does not have to be the one to attend Section IV meetings.  
      See you in the fall. 

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      Myra: It is part of our bylaws (and therefore yours) that we must have a representative from local chapters to communicate concerning Section IV business.  Although the bylaws state the person is supposed to have a three year term with max of six years, that is less important to me than having someone in your chapter to whom we can contact as the "last man standing" if your chapter needs to reply to issues, such as finances, CE, etc.  So while the representative need not be the person who attends the Section IV meetings, and I can change the name of the person as often as you like, we need a name and address of someone to contact.  Please let your board know our need to have someone designated as representative.  Thanks, Bill
      William A. MacGillivray, PhD, ABPP
      President elect, Division of Psychoanalysis
      5601 Westover Drive, Knoxville, TN  37919
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      Subject: Re: [SectionIV] August Senate and Open Meeting [5 Attachments]

      Dear Bill,
      I am no longer the the RIAPP Representative to Div. 39.  RIAPP plans to have the functions of officers performed by committees for the 2010-2011 year.  The plan, as of our last Board meeting, was to ask different members who might be attending the spring or summer meetings to represent us.
      I have enjoyed attending the Section IV meeting, and getting to know you and others in the Section.  I'll look forward to seeing you at Division 39 meetings.
      Myra Lall

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      Subject: [SectionIV] August Senate and Open Meeting [5 Attachments]

      [Attachment(s) from Bill MacGillivray included below]
      Section IV Representatives and Presidents: Attached are five documents for
      your review. The first is the Section IV Directory as of April, 2010. The
      second is the current report on the Graduate Student Initiative. The third
      is an Open Letter to Our Colleagues describing the Division 39 Fund for
      Psychoanalysis. The fourth is a Pledge Form to donate to the Fund. The
      fifth.is the tentative agenda for the Section IV Senate and Open Meeting on
      Saturday, August 14, from 11:00 AM to 12:45 PM in the Hospitality Suite of
      the Marriott Hotel and Marina in San Diego (please note that the time has
      been changed from that recorded in the program booklet and that the room
      number of the Hospitality Suite will be posted in the lobby of the hotel).

      1. If you are no longer your local chapter representative or president,
      please let me know who is and I can make sure they will be placed on this
      e-mail list. (If you wish to be removed, you may do so yourself or let me
      know and I will do it).

      2. Please let me know if you or another local chapter member will be
      attending the meeting. This is very important, both in terms of making sure
      we have a quorum, but also in making sure we have enough chairs to
      accommodate everyone.

      3. Please review the April Directory and let me know of any changes in your
      chapter officers. This is especially important for any change in treasurer,
      since our treasurer, Jack Barlow, will need to know whom to contact to
      obtain year-end statements for your organization.

      4. Please review the GSI report, especially the deadlines for nominating
      someone to receive a stipend from Section IV.

      5. Finally please review the current agenda and send any items you wish
      discussed to me.

      6. At the last meeting the Senate members made a commitment to ask their
      local chapters to consider participating in fund-raising for the Division 39
      Fund for Psychoanalysis. The Executive Committee specifically asked
      chapters to pledge to donate $1,000 to the fund (the donations can be spread
      out to $200 per year). Please let us know if your chapter will contribute
      to the Fund. Also, please consider circulating the Open Letter and Pledge
      to your members.

      Thanks, Bill

      William A. MacGillivray, PhD, ABPP
      President, Section IV
      5601 Westover Drive, Knoxville, TN 37919
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