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264delayed Gilligan brochure

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  • drmayo@cox.net
    Nov 14, 2009

      1. I'm attaching the Gilligan brochure - there has been a delay with Promail getting this out. They assure me it went out last week - but I have yet to receive. We may get some flak for this, especially since the brochure recommends pre-registration. If so, just tell folks that they should make sure to show up early for the conference.
      2. Barbara Krementz is attempting to learn the CE paperwork for the event and will sit at the sign-in table.
      3. Patty can't make it (I'll need a check for Gilligan - or we could just sent it to her, maybe it's easier to just sent it to her) - Patty, let me know.
      4. we need another person to help at the sign-in table
      5. If we could all get there about 7:30 or 7:45 (registration is at 8:30) it would be good to help set up - especially since we haven't had a meeting.
      6. Frank has made all the facility arrangements.
      7. I can't do lunch afterwards and I did not offer it to Gilligan - other Board members are welcome to take her to lunch.
      8. Anything else?

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