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16032Re: [RCX400] Re: A New Guy With Spares

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  • rcx400
    Mar 21, 2014
      Hi Roy,

      I can send you a group of 6 images that will at least show you which circuit board your RS232 connector is on, assuming your 16" RCX is the same basic layout as my 10" RCX.  It may be something as simple as a bad solder joint or a bent pin or loose connector or something similarly repairable by you.

      While its a PITA to get at that part of the scope (you have to take it off its tripod or pier and turn it upside down to get into the base), it IS something most everybody here can tackle, with a little care - and maybe a friend or two for manhandling.  My 10" model was just barely within the limits of my lifting capacity on my own - I can't even IMAGINE what a 16" model must weigh or how hard it is to dismount and invert !!

      On the bright side, and even though getting short shrift these days by faster USB designs, RS232 circuits are among some of the most robust in electronics history, having been debugged through literally decades of hobby/business/industrial use on everything from phone modems to process control PLCs in automated factories.  Even Meade probably couldn't find a way to make the RCX's RS232 port "brittle", so its more likely that something simple has happened to your system over time that should be fixable.

      Anyway, let me know if you're interested in the pix, and I'll email them to you with some descriptive narrative.
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