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16029Re: [RCX400] Re: A New Guy With Spares

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  • Roy Morrow
    Mar 21, 2014
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      I have been following these discussions for awhile and perhaps can contribute and seek additional information as well.

      I have a 16 in. RCX 400 and being quite paranoid from reading the many early posts about focus motor malfunctions decided long ago to buy a Feather Touch  focuser with a Micro Touch controller. This works very well and the back focus is large enough to allow eyepiece, DSLR or auto guider camera use without a need to move the corrector plate. I set the Feather Touch in the center of its range and used the low speed to carefully  move the corrector to bring focus at this point. I have not moved the corrector except to collimate then use the lowest motor speed..

      As to an acceptable focal reducer, I find the OPTEC Lepus  0.62 reducer and camera extension/adapter very good. Since this is only a focal reducer the already flat field is not effected.  This reducer has a long back focus and will not vignette. Starizona was very helpful to provide all this gear.

      My RCX continues to work except for a dead serial port.

      Now here is my question:  I have tried several usb-serial converters, a computer with a serial port, inputting through the RS236 port and the latest ASCOM drivers and platforms. Without the serial port I can drive the scope with the hand paddle only. I have no idea what to  do... or even which board the port resides...I must consider myself fortunate that nothing else has happened.. 

      Any input will be welcomed.

      Roy Morrow

      On Thu, Mar 20, 2014 at 8:47 PM, <geminidream54@...> wrote:

      Hi Dick,
      It turns out that the small circuit boards P/N 35-7211-00   Rev A  that I listed in my first post are not from the fork arms or GPS.  That particular part is the limits trigger on the focuser stage at the top end of the OTA.  One board per stage or 3 per scope.  I'm pretty sure that no other Meade model scope uses those.  If you would like one of those, let me know.  I have a number of those.

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