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16026RE: [RCX400] Re: A New Guy With Spares

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  • geminidream54
    Mar 21, 2014
      Hi Steve,
      Sorry about the timing!  I actually went to your website after reading your post with an intent to contact you privately about the motors but couldn't locate any contact information.  Probably my oversight?  At any rate, that's when I went ahead and posted to the group - assuming that you would see the post and contact me.  Which you did,  But to late to save some $$. Nevertheless, I have one set aside for you.

      A more general question.  The focus drive motors are all labeled "A", "B" and "C".  I can see no physical difference or any other labeling differences between them.   I am, therefore assuming that the label might be due to mounting hardware and Meades inventory control.  Any reason to think that "A" won't work at position "B"? 
      At this point in time, as no one has requested a motor specific to a location, I am not concerning myself with which motor I will ship to the requestor.  Anyone think that I should?

      Finally, to those who have requested parts, pardon me for a slight delay in the completion of my intentions here.  I took a bit of a spill on my bicycle a couple of days ago and cracked a couple of ribs.  So I'm a bit behind on "making good" in several areas right now.  Don't give up on me........    I will be in touch regarding shipping soon.   :)

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