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16010RE: [RCX400] Re: A New Guy With Spares

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  • Rod Mollise
    Mar 19, 2014
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      HI Jack:


      Got the little bitty camera. I will be very interested in giving it a try at Chiefland at the Spring Picnic in a couple of weeks (knock on wood weather-wise).


      Looks pretty straightforward, but please stand by for questions.






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      Hi Dick....that would be terrific....I believe that I have some old boards up in the shop and will check today.


      Dr. Clay


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      Subject: [RCX400] Re: A New Guy With Spares


      If anyone would care to send me examples of *dead* boards (i only need one of each), i can try to generate schematics (i doubt i'll hit the quality of the ones in the LX200GPS group, but at least we'll get something).
      I'll post the results as PDF files here.
      I'll happily pay flat-rate priority-mail postage for them.
      Needed: one main board, one back-of-OTA board, one each of any of the small cards sprinkled around.
      (although i could make the guess that motor cards are equivalent to the LX200gps cards)

      Any cabling information folks can provide would be extremely helpful, too
      (color photos would help, but im sure Meade re-uses cable colors and mixes up what "red" means throughout the scope, if the LX200gps is any example of their usual practice)

      have fun

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