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RBA presents Perfect Strangers on October 15

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    Greetings - Redwood Bluegrass Associates are working hard to present another great season of concerts, and are pleased to announce the first show. As in past
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 17, 2005
      Greetings -

      Redwood Bluegrass Associates are working hard to present another
      great season of concerts, and are pleased to announce the first show.
      As in past years, we do plan to have subscription/series tickets
      available for the season's remaining concerts, but can't confirm the
      complete schedule yet.

      Your suggestions and comments are very much appreciated --- and we
      look forward to seeing you again on Oct. 15th!

      - RBA Board Of Directors
      Bruce Edmundson
      Rich Evans
      Brenda Hough
      Tom Layton
      Dave Magram
      Toni Murphy
      Bruce Reynolds
      Carol Schiell
      Peter Thompson
      Annie Zacanti


      WHEN: Sat., Oct. 15 (8:00 pm showtime, doors open at 7:00 pm)
      WHERE: First Presbyterian Church of Mountain View,
      1667 Miramonte Ave. (at the corner of Cuesta Dr.), Mt. View
      TICKETS: $15 advance, $18 day of show
      Half-price for students aged 13-18
      No admission charge for those 12 and under
      INFORMATION: 650-691-9982, http://www.rba.org

      "Perfect Strangers are something quite special...The true and deep
      understanding of bluegrass, coupled with a strong creative charge is
      a very unusual combination these days. They are a bluegrass
      - Pete Wernick aka "Dr. Banjo"

      Perfect Strangers is a special band. Comprised of a veteran of Bill
      Monroe's Boys, a National Flatpicking Champion, a Grammy Nominee, a
      brilliant songwriter, and a powerful bassist, these outstanding
      musicians have a sound and spirit that binds them together and sets
      them apart from typical generic bluegrass.

      Perfect Strangers are deeply steeped in classic bluegrass and other,
      older forms. Like the first generation of bluegrass pioneers to whom
      they favorably compare, their strong and readily identifiable sound
      and style is deeply and powerfully connected to the same forces that
      shaped bluegrass: fiddle tunes, gospel music, blues, old-time
      balladry, swing, ragtime, the music of the banjo, and mountain music
      sweet and wild.

      Perfect Strangers' presentation is warm and friendly, their
      repertoire unique, and their music marked by spine-tingling harmonies
      and inventive, emotive picking.

      CHRIS BRASHEAR is a charismatic singer, a dynamic fiddler, and a
      songwriter with a penchant for writing memorable, perhaps classic,
      bluegrass songs on topics other than failed love.

      A veteran of Bill Monroe's Bluegrass Boys, BOB BLACK'S stunning banjo
      solos and subtle back up work are a joy to hear. Bob is also a
      songwriter with many songs to his credit.

      JODY STECHER is an incomparable repository of tradition and a Grammy
      finalist several times for his work with Kate Brislin. Jody sings in
      true bluegrass style and plays mandolin with a beautifully warm tone.

      A veteran of Laurie Lewis' band, and a National Flatpicking Guitar
      Champion, PETER McLAUGHLIN is a powerful rhythm and solo guitarist,
      as well as a songwriter of considerable note.

      PAUL KNIGHT is not only RBA's exceptional sound engineer but also an
      exceptional bass player, having been part of bands led by Peter
      Rowan, Laurie Lewis, Sandy Rothman, David Thom, and many others.

      "Here is a real gem of an album by a group that is new on the scene
      but whose members are no 'strangers' to Bluegrass music. The band
      features wonderful singing by two fine vocalists, Chris Brashear and
      Jody Stecher, and dynamic work on banjo and lead guitar from Bob
      Black and Peter McLaughlin respectively. Brashear sings in a lilting,
      engaging manner, and both he and Stecher demonstrate a highly melodic
      styling that has plenty of 'edge' to it. Great music."
      - County Sales Newsletter


      And ... if you need to hear some bluegrass in the South Bay before
      Oct. 15th, here are some possibilities:

      Tuesday/Wednesdays: Sam's BBQ, 1110 S. Bascom Ave., San Jose
      408-297-9151, http://www.samsbbq.com
      Music by Sidesaddle & Co., Diana Donnelly & the Yes Ma'ams, Bean
      Creek, Dixie Fried, Carolina Special, Wild Oats & Honey, MacRae
      Brothers, Mr. Banjo & the Lonesome Wailers, others
      Aug. 18: Dan Crary & Beppe Gambetta - Don Quixote's, 6275 Highway 9,
      Felton, 831-335-2800, http://www.donquixotesmusic.com
      Aug. 19: The Min-Tones - The Ugly Mug, 4640 Soquel Dr., Soquel
      Aug. 24: Fragment - Espresso Garden Cafe, 814 S. Bascom Ave, San Jose
      831-475-4938, http://www.fiddlingcricket.com
      Aug. 25 (5 pm): "Bluegrass Blowout" in Santa Cruz - Hit & Run, REO
      Haywagon, Harmony Grits, Moonshine - The Attic, 931 Pacific Ave.,
      downtown SC, 831-460-1800, http://www.theatticsantacruz.com
      Aug. 28 (9:30 am): Highway One - Menlo Park Farmer's Market, Chestnut
      St. (b/w Menlo & Santa Cruz Avenues)
      Aug. 29: Bean Creek - Phil's Fish Market, Moss Landing
      831-633-2152, http://www.philsfishmarket.com
      Sept. 1: Mighty Crows - Prince Of Wales Pub, 102 E. 25th Ave., San Mateo
      Sept. 4 (2-5 pm): Earthquake Country - San Gregorio Store
      650-726-0565, http://www.sangregoriostore.com
      Sept. 6: Dirk Powell Band (w/ Riley Baugus) - Don Quixote's, Felton
      Sept. 10 (2-5 pm): Harmony Grits - San Gregorio Store
      Sept. 18 (2-5 pm): Circle R Boys - San Gregorio Store
      Sept. 19: Bean Creek - Phil's Fish Market, Moss Landing
      Sept. 23: Laurie Lewis & Tom Rozum - Don Quixote's, Felton
      Sept. 30: Druha Trava - Espresso Garden Cafe, San Jose
      Oct. 2 (2-5 pm): Earthquake Country - San Gregorio Store
      Oct. 3: Druha Trava - Don Quixote's, Felton
      Oct. 3: Bean Creek - Phil's Fish Market, Moss Landing
      Oct. 7: Kleptograss (Eric Thompson, Laurie Lewis, Tom Rozum, Scott
      Nygaard, Paul Shelasky) - Espresso Garden Cafe, San Jose
      Oct. 8 (2-5 pm): Harmony Grits - San Gregorio Store

      South Bay jam sessions include:

      First Sunday (1-5 pm): Santa Clara Valley Fiddlers Association -
      Hoover Middle School, Naglee & Park Streets, San Jose
      408-730-1034, http://www.scvfa.org
      Second Sunday (2-7 pm): Methodist Church, Boulder Creek
      Second/Fourth Sunday (2-6 pm): Fandango Pizza - Alma Plaza Shopping
      Center, 3407 Alma St. (near East Meadow Dr.), Palo Alto,
      650-494-2928, http://www.fandangopizza.com/Fandango%20bluegrass.htm
      Wednesdays (7-10 pm): Fandango Pizza - Alma Plaza Shopping Center,
      Palo Alto

      And, even though it's not in the South Bay, don't forget:

      Oct. 1-2: Hardly Strictly Bluegrass Festival - Golden Gate Park, SF
      with Hazel, Earl, Doc, Ralph, Rhonda, Del, J.D., Peter & Tony, Hot Rize,
      Ricky, Dale Ann, Laurie & Tom, DBFS, and MANY others, including ...
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