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8210Re: [RADIOSHACKDX394] why this receiver?

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  • R. Mark Barnett
    Jun 7, 2014
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      The DX-394 is a good radio, but it is not the best radio you can buy. It was never really intended to compete with radios like the Drake R7, R8. The selectivity could be better and the noise floor level could be lower. BUT, with a good antenna they are usually a good solid 8 out out of 10 and very usable stock. With the proper mods it is a much better radio. If I was going to buy a DX-394 tomorrow, I would get one that Lowbander has gone through and modded. Check out Lowbander.com to see his mods.

      I don't see a problem buying a Tecsun PL-880 or PL-660! Or even a Sony ICF-SW7600GR. Many of the current crop of portables are very good. I have several Tecsun and Grundig radios and I think the reception you get for the price is very good with Tecsun. I am waiting for the next firmware release before I buy a PL-880. I would rather use a table radio than a portable.

      Mark B. N8PGV

      would be nice if I hear remarks that make sense..
      So I
      can make a good decision, I can also buy a Tecsun PL880 or

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