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8086Re: HFGCS on 11.175 kHz USB

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  • Tom H
    Feb 6, 2014
      If you tune WWV in AM mode, it would be hard to detect a 2 kHz error as you observe on USB at 11,175 kHz. Moreover, the error is likely different among the three modes: USB, LSB, AM. The error can be caused by any one of up to three oscillators or any combination thereof depending on the mode. Tune WWV in USB mode for zero beat. If it reads 9,998 kHz, that error is consistent with the error at 11,175 which suggests that the 1st local oscillator is not at fault. To confirm, tune in USB mode to a MW broadcaster on a multiple of 5 kHz; if the error at zero beat is also 2 kHz, the 1st LO is okay.

      Years ago, I developed a procedure for alignment of the DX-394 oscillators which is listed in the Oscillator section of the Master Index of Mods. Look it up to gain further insights.

      Tom ve3meo

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