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8081Re: Yahoo thinks FAQ is spam

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  • Tom H
    Jan 30, 2014
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      Gmail thought your message was spam but not Joe's so go figure. I am owner/moderator of this Yahoo Group and there is nothing I can do to prevent your email service from decreeing that a message from this group is spam. However, you can try to white list mail from this Yahoo group on your mail service. I do not know if that will always be effective but YOU have some control over what YOU receive while I cannot affect what your spam filter does. Maybe there are some words or phrases in the document or maybe it is the type of attachment that triggered it - who knows?!

      Anyway, welcome to the group. Glad to hear that you did receive the FAQ and hopefully the Master Index of Mods, too, and that you will find them to be helpful and instructive. If you still have questions after looking them over, well, post away!

      Tom ve3meo

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