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8077Re: Unusual rear panel?

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  • Tom H
    Jan 17, 2014
      No you are not and you have incredibly good eyesight - I sure can't get that from the image. However, the seller just replied to my question about the provenance of this 394 with the unusual rear apron. It came from a Tandy store but that's not the significant thing. She also has a Pro-2042 scanner listed which came from the same store. Look at it and it's the same rear apron! The photo of the Pro-2042 has been mistakenly posted in the DX-394 listing. Look again - there are other differences, e.g., the antenna connectors, position of attenuator switch, etc...

      Boy, what a waste of time that was...

      Tom ve3meo

      --- In RADIOSHACKDX394@yahoogroups.com, "Bigjed" <gerrytweedie@...> wrote:
      > I also couldn't help but notice that on the RadioShack voltage info section,just above the serial No. are the words 'Pro 2042 Scanning Receiver' Am I seeing things??
      > >
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