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  • josephrot
    Jan 12, 2014
      Definitely just a general idea, for sure. We users have more choices than we think, some "simpler" and others more profound.

      So far, we DX-394 users who may not need or require additional shielding can count our blessings, yet the DX-394 usually is such a "hot" front-end, and speaking generally, we Earth populations live in such a technological and RF soup, that we may wish we had the Faraday Cage, copper sheets, copper grid, mu-metal shield, conductive-coated acoustical-like foam, the completely shielded office or radio room as "treatment" for the trusty 394.

      ...or even better... what was or is available at the likes of NASA, DOE and other unmentionable three letter agencies... sometimes underground RF screen-room room facilities so well shielded that Michael Faraday himself would be impressed... where cell-phones between staffer and room engineers/techs are useless. It's either hand gestures or send up smoke signals...

      OK, may be not THAT severe, but these screen-rooms are some of the ultimate RF "quiet zones" with zero measurable internal or external signal and RFI/EMI, and as long as the wavelength isn't too short to make it through the screens involved, for all intents and purposes there is absolutely "zero point zero zero" levels of noise, and no chance of any RFI/EMI....period.

      OK, so who's going to be the first DX-394 owner to screen-room their house, radio room, apartment or cave ??

      Joe Rotello / Knoxville, TN / USA

      P.S.: That brings to mind a thought: How quiet would a DX-394 be on the Moon  ?
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