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8061RE: Metal Covers

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  • josephrot
    Jan 11 9:56 AM

      Search the Group Messages for the topic, the procedure might also be in the Group Files area. Procedure results generally fair-to-very-good suppression of external interference, noise, etc.

      Basically: Lining the inside of the current DX-394 case with appropriate copper foil or equal, preferably foil with adhesive one side, lining the bottom of the receiver case BUT DO NOT BLOCK THE VENTS, can also line much of the top case inside, but do NOT block the speaker or vent, and the top MAY affect the AM ferrite reception, so do so with care if you do the top. Ground the foil(s) with insulated stranded wire to the chassis ground, soldering the wire to the copper foil.

      Joe Rotello / Knoxville, TN / USA

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