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8059Re: Metal Covers

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  • Tom H
    Jan 10, 2014
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      Ernie, you have already posted that you used copper foil to line your 394's plastic covers; ergo, metal covers. Have you not answered your own question? At least its in keeping with the objectives of the forum.

      You could also peruse the Master Index of Mods and find references to covers made from galvanised steel which should be a pretty good ferro-magnetic shield as well as an electrostatic shield not much poorer than copper. At lower frequencies, ferro-magnetic shielding becomes increasingly effective while electrostatic shielding becomes less so.

      I thought that galvanised sheet steel for heating ducts would be a good choice because it should be a good shielding material over a wide range of frequencies, very workable and strong, readily-available, and cheap. I had hoped that shielding lids of this material would kill pickup of MW and LW by the built-in antenna to reduce interference from within the house, especially my old computer CRT. The reduction was not as dramatic as I had hoped. Even a metal shield around the loopstick was not effective enough. That led to its removal and replacement by inductors.

      The full stories on these mods can be found via the Master Index of Mods and are stored in the Files area.

      Tom ve3meo

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      > I saw somewhere about making metal covers for the 394 Is this a good idea? It seem like it would kill the AM reception
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