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7995The MDSR Team releases the IF-DSP software MDSR V2.7

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  • alexschwarz237
    Oct 8, 2013

      Hi Everybody;


      The MDSR Team has just launched the next edition of the popular MDSR IF-DSP software V2.7.


      Please see the software manual at:



      There are two version of the MDSR setup program. There is a light version which includes the basic setup with MDSR-SA, OmniRig and an updated MDSR.jar application. If you already run the MDSR V2.6 with all the additional applications like fldigi, VLAN and Dream use this version to upgrade your MDSR application to V2.7.




      If you have not MDSR on your computer please download the full version 2.7.




      Note: Please back up your current configuration with the profile manager accessible from the MDSR-SA by clicking on the “Disk” icon (left bottom) before updating. The upgrading process has been tested and does not interfere with your current setup, but it is better to play it save.


      What’s New?

      ·        Integrated level meters to tune the MDSR

      ·        Upgraded IF ACG system for even cleaner sound

      ·        VOX control for PTT operation

      ·        BFO tuning function

      ·        Bug fixes and a newly updated MDSR manual included in the setup.


      For more and detailed instruction please refer the MDSR and MDSR-SA user manuals.



      All the best and 73;


      The MDSR Team



      PS: comments are always welcome