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7994RE: [RADIOSHACKDX394] Re: WBCQ (was "Hollow" sound with TWO Antennas)

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  • William Barrett
    Oct 8, 2013
      Station "CHU" in Canada does the same thing.  The lower sideband is
      suppressed, and only the upper is heard.  3.335, 7.850,  14.670.
      Try it.
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      I tuned up on WBCQ one night with my "better" radio (a Kenwood TS-940S transceiver).  Since WBCQ is a broadcast station, I was in AM mode, of course.  However, sometimes I can get a better sound by selecting one sideband or the other, depending on the interference conditions, and I was astonished to hear that WBCQ had NO lower sideband!  I don't have a spectrum analyzer to visually prove this, but switching from USB to LSB made the signal almost inaudible.  Unlike the suppressed-carrier SSB modulation that hams use, WBCQ must have been radiating enough unmodulated carrier to support AM demodulation, but that might explain something of the odd audio you report.  If I had tried this with my DX-394, I would have had to retune every time I switched sidebands, because the BFOs were badly off-frequency, and I might not have been able to zero-beat the main carrier very well, because the DX-394 tuning increment is so small.  But the TS-940 has 10 Hz tuning, and proper sideband processing.

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