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7984Special modded DX-394 for sale

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  • mike maghakian
    Oct 1, 2013
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      as I am slowly leaving the shortwave hobby I am selling off many of my possessions.
      I have a DX-394 that is very highly modified that I put together years ago that I now want to sell.
      the mods were made with the following design goals
      1)Maximum audio fidelity
      2)Maximum SWBC performance (SSB not important)
      3)Maximum versatility and portability.
      here are some of the highlights:
      a very large speaker was installed, I think it is 5 inches
      it is so large that the power transformer was removed.
      a Li-ion 3 cell battery holder for 18650's was installed, DC input to the back is blocked. changing of the cells ir fairly quick and easy and the cells are 2400-2800mah at 12 to 12.6V
      two high end murata AM bandwidth filters were installed with a front panel switch
      a commercial sourced RF amp board was installed with a separate SO-239 antenna jack added to the back panel, a whip antenna could be used or a short wire antenna could be used, either would be amplified when connected to this jack. original antenna input is still there and functioning.
      the tuning knob has been replaced. original is still available
      a simple handle has been added to the back
      some other basic mods like crosstalk and a few others have been done
      some well known mods were not done due to my personal opinion of those mods.
      if you are interested in this 394, email me with your phone number and we can talk about it. this set is certainly not for everyone. more is included but I want only to mention the highlights.
      contact me at mmaghakian at yahoo.com
      do not contact me on the group as I follow almost no groups and would not see your response or questions.
      73's and thanks.
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