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From the Spiritual Discourses of the Radhasoami Faith

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    From: [Radhasoami Reality]: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/RADHASOAMI-REALITY {Radhasoami Dayal ki Daya Radhasoami Sahai: Grant Merciful Radhasoami Thy Grace
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      From: [Radhasoami Reality]:
      {Radhasoami Dayal ki Daya Radhasoami Sahai:
      "Grant Merciful Radhasoami Thy Grace and Protection"}

      From the Spiritual Discourses of the Radhasoami Faith: "Prem Patra
      Radhasoami," Volume Four, by Huzur Maharaj:

      The pleasures and objects of the world cannot be procured without
      money; and money cannot be had without hard work. But the same
      pleasures, nay, those of higher and still higher order can easily be
      obtained at will by performing for some time the Abhyas (devotional
      exercises) of Sants with some love and yearning. And there is no
      limit to this bliss in extent and intensity. As the spirit ascends,
      so the bliss and joy go on increasing. Ultimately the spirit can, one
      day, reach the Nij Dham (Original Abode) and attain to supreme and
      infinite bliss and happiness.

      All human beings apply their body, mind and wealth for worldly
      pleasures. It is, therefore, desirable and necessary for them to
      perform spiritual practices with some attention and devotion. This
      would procure them internal bliss which is absolutely pure and can be
      had at will, without hard labor or expenditure of money.

      This Abhyas [spiritual practice] can take the Surat (spirit) to its
      Nij Ghar (Original Abode) from where it descended in the beginning.
      It can attain to the state of highest bliss in that Region on getting
      Darshan [vision, communion] of the Supreme Being Radhasoami Dayal,
      the true Parent and Source of all spirit entities.

      The method of performing this Abhyas and the secrets of the Path and
      the Dham (Sphere) of the Supreme Being can be learnt from the Sant
      Sat Guru or Sadh Guru or a loving devotee. In the present times these
      things are openly given out and explained in the Satsang of
      Radhasoami Dayal. This Abhyas is called Surat Shabd Yoga. This
      consists in reverting the spirit along the spirit-current to its Nij
      Ghar. This spirit-current is not visible or tangible. But if one
      hears the Sound accompanying it with love, yearning and attention,
      one can proceed along that Sound, and one day reach the Original
      Abode from where that current and Sound are coming.

      There is nothing in the entire creation which can equal Sound in
      strength, in illuminating darkness and in guiding on the Path. This
      world itself is functioning by Surat and Shabd. As for instance, one
      person gives order and others carry out his orders. But this sound
      pertains to this lower region. The Shabd (Sound) referred to by the
      Sant Sat Guru is celestial. The current of that Shabd emanated, in
      the beginning, from the Dham (Region) of the Supreme Being. Stopping
      at several centers on the way, and evolving creations there, it
      passed through Brahmand and took location in the eyes. From here it
      has been performing the functions of the body and the world. The Path
      leads from this plane of eyes along this current. In other words, the
      Surat, hearing the Sound, proceeds from the first region to the
      second, then to the third and so on.

      All activities of the world are carried on by zeal and hard labor. A
      man does what interests him. He does not mind difficulties or
      inconvenience. In the same way, the performance of internal Abhyas of
      raising and translating the Surat (spirit) upwards, is not possible
      without love and longing for the Darshan of the Supreme Being. This
      will be engendered by the grace and mercy of the Supreme Being
      Radhasoami Dayal and Sant Sat Guru, and in the company of loving
      devotees [satsangis, satsang]. ///
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