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The Path to the Beloved -- Huzur Maharaj

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  • sant_mat_mystic
    From: [Sant Mat Fellowship]: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/santmatfellowship { This human form has come into your possession. It is your opportunity to realize
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 4, 2002
      From: [Sant Mat Fellowship]:

      {"This human form has come into your possession. It is your
      opportunity to realize the One who sustains the universe." Guru
      Arjun} and from........

      [Radhasoami Reality]:

      The Path to the Beloved -- Huzur Maharaj

      0 my dear brothers and sisters! Why do you
      remain asleep in negligence? Take the shelter
      and protection of Guru. You are not to stay
      in this world for ever. You have to go from
      here one day leaving your body behind. Just
      think a little of that stage.

      Sat Guru will disclose to, you the secrets of that
      stage. Meet Him and receive instructions
      from Him. He will show you your True Home.
      Attend His Satsang with care and attention.

      Enshrine His priceless discourses in your heart.
      He will make you detached from the world.

      He will impart to you the invaluable inner secrets
      concerning beloved Radhasoami, the Supreme
      Being. Get yourself initiated by Him in Surat
      Shabd Yoga.

      Your mind and Surat will then constantly rush
      towards higher regions as they listen to the
      reverberations of Shabd within. They will
      experience immense bliss.

      After reaching the region of Guru, you will go
      to Sat Lok and hear the melodious sound of
      the Bin (harp, vina) which is the essence. You
      will then behold the regions of Alakh and Agam.

      Proceeding from there, you will reach Nij Dham
      (the Original Abode) and have Darshan of beloved

      -- Huzur Maharaj, "Prem Bani Radhasoami," Volume Four
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