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Story of Genesis (Creation/Evolution) in Sant Mat, Part Six

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    From: [Radhasoami Reality]: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/RADHASOAMI-REALITY {Radhasoami Dayal ki Daya Radhasoami Sahai: Grant Merciful Radhasoami Thy Grace
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      From: [Radhasoami Reality]:

      {Radhasoami Dayal ki Daya Radhasoami Sahai:
      "Grant Merciful Radhasoami Thy Grace and Protection"}

      Story of Genesis (Creation/Evolution) in Sant Mat, Part Six

      (NOTE: For those who are new to the Radhasoami group, the earlier
      parts of this series can be viwed by going to the Main Page of the
      group at Yahoo. See web address above. The next post will be using
      material from the book "Radhasoami Reality," and will begin to
      explore the journey of the soul through the planes of creation -- the
      chapter titled, "The Journey of Light and Sound." The series will
      conclude with some of Swami Ji Maharaj's Hymns of the Soul's
      Ascension in "Sar Bachan Radhasoami Poetry," volumes One and Two. And
      this will eventually bring us, quite literally, full-circle back
      where we started "in the beginning:" Sach Khand and the Timeless Lord
      of the Soul.)


      The fourth grand division, beginning from above, is called Pinda. It
      is the gross material or physical universe. Here coarse matter
      predominates, there being but a small percentage of mind and a still
      smaller amount of spirit. Our earth is a small and insignificant
      member of Pinda. It embraces all the suns and their planets known or
      unknown, to astronomy. It extends out into space far beyond the reach
      of any telescope. Astronomers have never been able to count these
      worlds; although as their instruments become more perfect, the range
      of their observations is extended. Who shall set limits or indicate
      bound to those starry depths? Who can number the numberless? Who can
      circumscribe the boundless? To the farthest extent of space wherever
      there is a material sun or a speck of dust they are all included in
      this fourth grand division which the Masters call Pinda.

      In this division, coarse material predominates. Permeating this
      coarse material are many finer substances, including mind, and last
      of all there is a modicum of spirit to give life to all the rest. In
      this lowest of all divisions of creation there is but little light
      and a very low grade of life when compared with Brahmanda. But if
      compared with Sat Desh, this world is pitch darkness and the life
      here, in comparison to that, is scarcely cognizable at all. Its
      substance is coarse, clumsy, inert, and full of all manner of
      imperfections. These imperfections, as said before, are due to the
      paucity of spirit at this pole. This condition of negativity is the
      soil out of which all evil grows. However real it may seem to us,
      negativity is the absence of reality, and the absence of reality is
      the absence of spirit. Food is a reality to us, but hunger is also a
      real condition to our consciousness. But hunger is due to the absence
      of food. In its last analysis, all pain, longing, all desire is only
      a cry of the mind and soul for more light, more spirit. In like
      manner, evil is due to, the absence of spirit. And the reason we
      have so small a percentage of spirit substance at this end of
      creation is because this is the negative pole of all creation. Pinda
      is the extreme negative pole. It is consequently so far depleted of
      spirit that it lies in a state of semi-death, a condition of heavy
      inertia over which broods deep shadow.

      Out of this condition rise all the manifold difficulties experienced
      by mortals on this plane of life. As one leaves this lowest plane and
      begins to ascend toward the positive pole of creation, the light
      increases, and hence more life, more beauty and more happiness. This
      is all entirely due to the increase in the percentage of spirit on
      the several planes. Love, power, wisdom, rhythm, perfection of every
      sort take the place of negative conditions which prevail in the lower
      sections of the universe.

      It should be said here, with all possible emphasis, that just in
      proportion to the degree of spirit substance prevailing in any
      region, world, person or thing, will its perfections be manifest. And
      vice versa, in proportion to the lack of spirit, imperfections will
      show themselves. In proportion as matter predominates, those states
      which we call evil will manifest. A depletion of spirit, is
      therefore, the one fatal disease of the physical universe. Out of
      that state all other diseases spring up. In the last analysis, we
      believe there is but one disease in the world -- spiritual anemia.
      (Julian P. Johnson, "Path of the Masters) ///
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