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Daily Meditation Practice

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    * Daily Meditation Practice* *Radhasoami Reality:* *http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Radhasoami-Reality* *{Radhaswami Dayal ki Daya Radhaswami Sahai: Grant
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      Daily Meditation Practice

      Radhasoami Reality:
      {Radhaswami Dayal ki Daya Radhaswami Sahai:"Grant Merciful Radhasoami Thy Grace and Protection"}

      In the Book, Hidayatnama (Esoteric Instructions), Swami Ji Maharaj on Daily Meditation Practice (for those who are initiated by a Living Master into Inner Light and Sound Meditation):

      "You should perform this practice daily, twice, four times or as many times as you find time. If your mind gives rise to delusions and wanderings, prayers should be offered to Sant Satguru and the practice should be performed with greater effort. Guru's kindness and your application will certainly result in progress day by day." (Hidayatnama, in, Sar Bachan Poetry, Volume One)

      From the Book, Philosophy of Liberation, Maharshi Mehi on Daily Meditation Practice:

      "A comfortable asana (a pose of sitting or posture) of keeping the head, neck and trunk straight and steady is a must for meditation. Without the ability to sit in such a steady posture for prolonged periods, meditation cannot be practiced.

      "Meditation should be practiced being alert, without being drowsy, shutting the eyes comfortably and without turning the eyeballs or pressing them in any way.

      "The practice of meditation should be an essential part of the practitioner's daily routine. The preferred time of meditation is Brahmamuhurta ([Hour of God: Brahma-mu-hurta, or Amrit Veela: Hour of Elixir]: very early in the morning: 3:00 A.M.). Likewise one should meditate at mid-morning and then again in the evening time. While falling asleep, one should also engage his mind in meditation. Further, it is good to practice Manas japa [Simran] or Manas dhyana [Dhyan] while working."

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