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Music and Bhakti Poetry of Saint Namdev -- Sant Mat Fellowship

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    *Music and Bhakti Poetry of Saint Namdev * [image: Namdev] *Music and Bhakti
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      Music and Bhakti Poetry of Saint Namdev

      Vitthala Aawadi - Naamdev Maharaj विठ्ठल आवडी - Youtube:


      Why wander deluded my heart? Meditate at the feet of Ram [God], All-awareness.

      Chant Ram, the great mantra. These are the days of Kali and death is in a hurry. You waste the day in worldly things and dark comes the night. The goal is far and the path is wild. How can you cross it alone? Yes, the Lord is the path in the wilderness. Call out his name or even half of it. He will come to your assistance, says Namdev.

      Rejoice in Ram. Sing his name joyfully. Do not let these brutes make you feel ashamed. I love such fortunate mortals who sing the praises of the Supreme Brahma. Such is the glory of being mortal: never forget Ram, says Namdev.

      The body is false says Sant Namdev. And yet it is real if God is your lover.

      You have been my lover since childhood O Govind. Do not leave me now. My heart lies with you. There is no one for me but you. 

      -- Sant Namdev, The Hindi Padavali of Namdev, Winand M. Callewaert, Motilal Banarsidass Publishers, Delhi

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