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Still Your Gaze at the Door in the Inner Sky! - Sant Radhaswami

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    *Still Your Gaze at the Door in the Inner Sky! - Sant Radhaswami * * * Radhasoami-Reality:
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      Still Your Gaze at the Door in the Inner Sky! - Sant Radhaswami




      An English rendering of a verse composed by Sant Radhaswami (Radhasoami) Sahab taken from the book titled "Satsang Yoga - Part II" by Maharshi Mehi Paramhans ji Maharaj.

      -Translation by Pravesh K. Singh

      http://blog.360.yahoo.com/praveshksingh )


      The Original Verse:

      "tU to surat jamA nabh dwAr|

      shabd mile chhUTe janjAr||

      shabd bhed tU jaan ganwAr|

      kyon bharamai tU mana kI lAr||

      surat khainch tak til kA dwAr|

      dahinI dishA shabd kI dhAr||

      bAIn dishA kAl kA jAr|

      tAhi chhod kar surat samhAr||

      ghanTA sankh suno kar pyAr|

      tis ke Age dhun omkAr||

      sunn mAhi sun rArankAr|

      bhanwar gufA muralI jhankAr||

      sattalok dhun bIn samhAr|

      alakh Agam dhun kahun na pukAr||

      Radhaswami bhed sunAyA jhAD|

      pakaD dharo ab hiye manjhAr||"

      The Translation:

      [Fix or still your gaze at the door in the (inner) sky.|
      So as to grasp the (
      Quintessential) Sound perceiving which puts all the worldly botheration or troubles to an end (the botheration of the world can end, in true sense, only if the cycle of rebirth is got rid of or transcended.)||

      Learn, O Inexperienced, the secret of the Sound.|
      Why do you remain lost in the illusory traps of the mind? ||

      Draw or collect your attention, or current of consciousness, and look attentively at the `Til Dwar' or `The Third Eye'. |
      When the surat gets focussed at the Bright point inside), a stream of sound is heard coming from the right direction. ||

      (The sound emanating from) the left direction is the snare or web of Death.| Discarding or ignoring that (that is, not listening to the sound coming from the left direction) keep your attention carefully focussed (to the sound coming from the right direction).||

      Listen with love to the sounds of the gong/bell and conch.|
      Beyond that is (
      heard) the resonating `OM' sound. ||

      (Subsequently,) Hark to the `RarankAr' sound in the Realm of "ShUnya" (Void). |
      Melody of the flute (
      is heard) in the "bhanwar gufA" (whirling/spiralling cave). ||

      Listen to the enchanting lute in the Realm of Sattalok (The sphere of pure consciousness, of Quintessential Sound).|
      Nothing can be said of the sound in the regions/ planes of Alakh (Invisible) and Agam or Unintelligible (
      According to universally agreed opinion of Santmat and the Upanishads, beyond the zone of sattalok, lies the infinite realm of "nihshabdam paramam padam" or, the Highest/Ultimate State of Soundlessness. It is this very state that is being alluded to here by 'alakh' and 'agam'). ||

      I, says Sant Radhaswami, have thus clearly explained all the secrets (
      of inner meditation
      ). |
      Hold that dearly within your heart.|

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