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In This Path Only Your Yearning and Love Count

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    In This Path Only Your Yearning and Love Count Radhasoami Reality: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Radhasoami-Reality
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 16, 2006

      In This Path Only Your Yearning and Love Count

      Radhasoami Reality:


      In This Path Only Your Yearning and Love Count

      In this Path, reading the holy books or listening to Master's orders is not so important if we do not put all the words of the Master into practice. It doesn't make any difference if we have been on the Path for ten years, or if we are newly initiated. It all depends upon your love and yearning. If we do the Simran and we mold our lives according to the instructions of the Master, then in no time we can also progress. But if we are not meditating according to the instructions of Master and are not molding our lives according to what Master tells us, then no matter if we spend all our life on this Path, we are not going to progress. In this Path it doesn't matter whether you are learned or illiterate. In this Path only your yearning and love count. If you have yearning for God and if you have love for the Master and if your devotion for the Master's teachings is strong, you can progress in this Path in no time. (Baba Charan Das)

      Studies in the Sar Bachan -- Mystic Hymns of Radhaswami Sahib

      Guru miley ami rasa daata ...

      Even though I am a wretch, inured to sensual pleasures and hauteur, yet the giver of the sweet sap of ambrosia has gracefully come my way and met me. I am lowly and mean, ignoramus and witless, lacking intelligence, yet He has made my surat [soul] the darling of shabd [divine Sound and Light]! As it is, every moment I sing of the greatness and grandeur of the guru and I engage my corporeal mind (that operates at the place of the sixth ganglion) and my nij mana (that becomes kinetic in Trikuti-- second inner region) at the guru's feet. Inside of me, I ever perform His aarti [worship] and I preserve my surat in the One Thousand-Petalled Lotus [Sahasdal Kanwal] to fly where I penetrate into the Third Til [Eye], kindle the unique flame at Sahasdal Kanwal, and then soar to Gagan (mystic sky, Trikuli).
      Then I heard the uproar of the sound of unstruck melody and I fasten my surat on the middle artery (sushumana), broke into the fort of the Crooked Tunnel, 0 brother, and then I could gain accustomed to the melody of Aumkara. There my nirat [seeing faculty of the soul] pushed my surat upward, and abandoning the bluish realm (region of Kaal) got into the whitish realm where I witnessed the lustre and light of the Full Moon (Sunn) and where the hamsas [heavenly beings] are assembled in rows. There I picked up pearls and fed myself on them and I got on to the Atma-pada (Spirit-Pole) presided over by Akshar Purush (the Imperishable Lord).

      The Satguru became so compassionate and merciful that I could penetrate into Maha-sunn and go beyond into the Rotating Cave [Bhanwar Gupha] where my surat heard the unstruck melody of the flute. By dint of the grace of the Satguru I made it to Sach Khand (Satlok, Eternal True Realm) where I performed the marvellous aarti of Sat guru. Soaring beyond, I sighted the Invisible Sphere and then the guru showed me the way to the Inaccessible Purush. The love sport of that sphere is so marvellous and ineffable that even the gyanis and yogis (those who have the knowledge of Brahman) are unaware of the secret of that sphere.

      Indeed they all remain deluded in the region of the Universal Mind; it is only the saints who know and who have made known the mystery of the sphere of the compassionate Lord. In sum, I have gained access to the wondrous palace of Radhasoami [Lord of the Soul], the extent of the beauteous form of which is unfathomable and ineffable.

      Aaj main dekhoon ghat mein til ko ...

      Today I watched the Third Til (situated midway between the two eyes, three quarters to one inch from the root of the nose inwards - the seat of surat) inside of me. These developments made a great appeal to my heart. Every moment, the guru made me His own, and I got to know the core of mysteries when I flew to the Nabh (the entrance to Sahasdal Kanwal). Rising to Sahasdal Kanwal [Thousand Petaled Lotus] I met the invisible - Jyoti-Niranjan or the Spotless Lord of the Flame - and leaving this samsara [illusion] I could perceive the Flame. Then I abandoned the bluish region (of Kaal) and reached the whitish sphere (of spirit) and perceived the Region of Three Prominences (Trikuti).

      Thereafter, I sighted the bank of Mansarovar [Lake of Nectar], the Sunn [dark void], of which I opened the gate and tore down the curtain (hanging on it). In Maha-sunn [great void], I discovered what was so far concealed and hidden from my understanding; and then I ascended to the Rotating Cave and comprehended the secret and mystery of the (Sohang) Purush. Then my surat moved beyond and met the Satt Pole where she heard the melody of harp (been). Taking to birat (the force that detaches the surat from remaining stuck to a delightful intervening stage) and nirat, I reached the Invisible Realm, after piercing which she proceed to the Inaccessible Sphere, and eventually this wretch like me attained to Radhasoami Abode.




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