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Instructions for Seekers, Surat Shabda Yoga, Yoga of Light & Sound PT 1

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  • Sant Mat Mysticism
    Instructions for Seekers, Surat Shabda Yoga, Yoga of Light & Sound 1 Sant Mat Fellowship: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/SantMatFellowship { Come out of the
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      Instructions for Seekers, Surat Shabda Yoga, Yoga of Light & Sound 1

      Sant Mat Fellowship:
      {"Come out of the circle of time,
      and into the circle of love." -- RUMI}

      Radhasoami Reality:
      {Radhaswami Dayal ki Daya Radhaswami Sahai:
      "Grant Merciful Radhasoami Thy Grace and Protection"}

      Greetings! I begin a new series based on the book: "Instructions for
      Seekers, Surat Shabda Yoga, The Yoga of Light & Sound", By Dr. I.C.
      Sharma and Baba Faqir Chand. Note: This is going both to Radhasoami-
      Reality and Sant Mat Fellowship (and related groups), as it is quite
      an impressive book that addresses many important questions, for both
      new spiritual seekers and advanced practitioners of Sant Mat as

      Note: Though this series is being shared with both SantMat
      Fellowship and Radha Soami Reality, each group will also continue to
      receive separate posts also. Each group covers Sant Mat Mysticism
      from a slightly different angle: Sant Mat Fellowship: book reviews,
      classic and contemporary Sant Mat Nirguna Bhakti; RS Reality: Sar
      Bachan of Swami Ji, Spiritual Discourses of Huzur Maharaj and the
      Radhasoami Faith.

      Since the book starts off by proclaiming that experiences of inner
      Light and Sound have been part of the mystical or gnostic tradition
      within each of the world religions: "God-consciousness, attained
      through the Yoga of Light and Sound, is the heritage of all
      cultures, all religions, and all nations", I begin by sharing some
      rare passages on Divine Light and Sound found in Jainist scriptures.
      Those are quoted by Sant Sevi Ji, in his forthcoming book, "The
      Harmony of All Religions", soon to be published in English. Below
      that is from the book by Dr. Sharma and Baba Faqir Chand, which is
      dedicated to Soami Ji Maharaj: "Hazoor Sahib Swami Shiv Dayal Singh
      Ji Maharaj, The Propounder of Yoga of Light and Sound".


      Sant Mat Fellowship,
      Radhasoami Quotes,
      Sant Mat Meditation....

      Meditation on Inner Mystic-Light

      "The Center of 'seeing' or inner focus is known as ajna chakra
      (third eye). When the mind is focused on it, the divine Light
      pervades every part of the being. The one who focuses on this center
      of life (in front of nose between two eye-brows), his life is ever
      filled with the smile and joy." (Acharya Tulsi, text)

      "The goal of the Yoga of Vision is to know one's Self. As long as
      the soul is covered by afflictions and desires we are unable to know
      our self. Therefore, to remove this veil or coverings it is
      necessary to concentrate the mind.

      "The Yoga of Vision is the technique of looking at the soul. Whom
      shall we see? We should see our Self and experience our own nature.
      We should manifest the true form of our own nature. Seeing the true
      form of oneself is the Yoga of Vision. Collect your consciousness in
      the sushumna or in the tenth gate, ajna chakra. (Acharya Mahapragya,
      Jainist text)

      Meditation on Inner Mystic-Sound

      "O Ascetic! Meditate on the cosmic sound of Om because this is like
      rain for extinguishing the fire of suffering. And it is a lamp which
      illuminates the subtle essence of the sacred teachings. It is the
      governance of good deeds." "The mendicant should meditate on the sky
      filled by rainbow, lighting and the sound of thunder, and filled of
      clouds." (Jnanarnva (sarga: 38 & 36), Path of Lord Mahavira, Jainist

      "What does one hear from these ears? It is a sweet sound. . .
      Closing my eyes as if I were united with God, I was away from this
      world and only my Peace incarnate and dispassionate Lord (Mahavira)
      and I existed." (Shri Jinendravarni, Jainist text)

      "In the divine Sound of God (Bhagawan) all the Mysteries are
      revealed." (Swami Jnananada, Jainist)

      "Close both ears with the hands and listen to the inner Sounds."
      (Method of Using Preksha Dhyana, by Acharya Mahapragya, Jainist

      Instructions for Seekers, Surat Shabda Yoga, Yoga of Light & Sound
      Part One
      By Param Dayal (I.C. Sharma) and,
      Pandit Faqir Chand Ji Maharaj

      INTRODUCTION to Surat Shabda Yoga

      The epitome of the pathway of God-realization is expounded in Surat-
      Shabda Yoga, or Union with God through the technique of Light and
      Sound. This path has been present, although concealed, in all major
      religions of the world. Recently however, its direct revelation and
      practical application have openly emerged.

      The sages of India discovered the truth of man's potential
      perfection and his ability to actualize it in their thousands of
      years of spiritual experimentation. They wrote down the steps for
      this attainment for their followers. The tradition of passing, from
      master to disciple, this spontaneous achievement of living in God in
      our waking life has continued in almost all the cultures of the
      world, but the secrecy and mystery of this mysticism have often led
      to confusion even until the present day.

      The uncovering of this secret and the simplest explanation of this
      universal way of man's union with God is the fundamental purpose of
      this book.

      This book alms at awakening every sincere seeker after God-
      realization to the truth, which can be realized easily and
      spontaneously. The technique does not require anyone to forsake his
      or her own religious tradition, but furnishes the foundation and
      ground of all religious traditions, schools, and denominations. It
      explodes the Illusion of superficial differences among religions.

      Other paths and techniques of meditation are indirect, vague,
      complicated, and difficult. The Yoga of Light and Sound is religion
      made easy, secular life turned spiritual, mundane transformed into
      Divine, and man the image of God converted into the real Son of God.
      This practical and spontaneous path is the Path of paths and the
      Truth of truths. Being all-inclusive, it confirms the truth of all
      religions, making their followers ardent and successful
      practitioners of their particular mode of workshop, love, and

      It does not deride or contradict any religious tradition. Practice
      it and you will experience the Truth yourself and recognize that God-
      consciousness, attained through the Yoga of Light and Sound, is the
      heritage of all cultures, all religions, and all nations. [to be

      (Dr. Ishwar C. Sharma, Manavta Mandir, Sutehri Road, Hoshiarpur,
      Punjab, India)
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