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Mystic-Verses in the Sar Bachan Poetry of Swami Ji Maharaj

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    Mystic-Verses in the Sar Bachan Poetry of Swami Ji Maharaj, the Saint of Agra Sant Mat Fellowship: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/SantMatFellowship { Come out
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      Mystic-Verses in the Sar Bachan Poetry of Swami Ji Maharaj, the
      Saint of Agra

      Sant Mat Fellowship:
      {"Come out of the circle of time,
      and into the circle of love." -- RUMI}
      Radhasoami Reality:
      {Radhaswami Dayal ki Daya Radhaswami Sahai:
      "Grant Merciful Radhasoami Thy Grace and Protection"}

      Studies in the Sar Bachan

      Below represents two different translations of Bhajan Six, Shabd
      Two, Sar Bachan Poetry, Volume One, by Swami Ji Maharaj. As is often
      the case with the compositions of the Sar Bachan, Swami Ji here
      describes some of his own inner mystical experiences while
      practicing Surat Shabd Yoga -- Meditation upon the Inner Light and
      Sound of God (Radhasoami). Swami Ji spent much of seventeen years in
      deep meditation exploring the inner regions within a meditation
      chamber -- a room within a room, at his residence in Agra.

      In the Light and Sound of the Beloved,

      Sant Mat Fellowship

      My Radhasoami is a profound ocean of serenity, which none can

      It abounds in jewels and invaluable rubies of Shabd.

      My Surat [soul] plays and sports there like a fish. The dark Kal
      [lord of time] has been subdued.

      The current of love has gushed within me. Those, who associate with
      the current of love, can partake of the bliss.

      Turning the pupils of the eyes and withdrawing spirit current from
      there, my Surat [attention-faculty, eyes and ears of the soul]
      proceeds on and sees the dazzling flame.

      I open the gate of Sahas-dal-kanwal (Thousand-petaled Lotus) and
      penetrate inside. When I cross Banknal (the crooked tunnel), Avidya
      (ignorance, Maya) is paralysed.

      I remove the chakra (wheel, snare) of Maya [illusion] and easily get
      darshan [vision] of Brahm.

      I hear the Anhad Shabd [Sound Current, Unstruck Melody] and go

      I now sacrifice my body and mind on Guru. I shall never get tired
      of singing His praises.

      How am I to recount the glory of Guru Pad (Trikuti)! I devote myself
      to Guru every day.

      I keep Guru's form or image enshrined in my heart. I open the inner
      gate of the mind.

      The Guru takes me in His company and shows me the Rup [Form, Light-
      body] of Sat Purush.

      Guru shows me gardens of lotuses and makes me play and sport in the
      company of Hansas [souls, heavenly beings].

      I cannot express myself. My Surat is drenched in the bliss of
      darshan [vision] of Sat Purush.

      Amrit [nectar] is raining continually and the currents are rising
      and flowing every moment.

      The mind is drowned deep. The Surat awakened and darkness of
      ignorance is expelled.

      Rare noble and loving ones behold these spectacles and play in the
      company of the Beloved.

      On hearing the speech of Guru I laugh in ecstasy. I have secured
      abode in the Holy Feet of Radhasoami.

      Every moment my love is enhanced. The image of Guru looks wonderful.

      I am so absorbed in bliss that I am unconscious of sight and breath.
      I have become oblivious of my body and mind.

      The countenance of Guru is very pleasing to me. I am enamoured of
      Him as a chakor [bird] is of the moon.

      Radhasoami has granted me a state of ecstasy. I have become the dust
      of His Holy Feet and gone up along the current of Shabd.

      (Bhajan Six, Shabd Two, Sar Bachan Poetry, Volume One, translated by
      S.D. Maheshwari, Agra, India)
      Via Nataraj Books:

      Via Agra: Mrs. Rita Maheshwari
      Soami Bagh, Agra-282005

      Via Banyen Books & Sound, Canada: A good source for Sant Mat and
      Radhaswami (including Agra) Books, Sar Bachan Radhasoami Poetry,
      Volumes 1 & 2 by Swami Ji Maharaj, and more:
      OR, write:
      Banyen Books
      Phone: 604-732-7912
      2671 West Broadway
      Vancouver, BC Canada V6K 2G2

      Hymn 2 (22 Verses) Radhasoami mere sindh gambheer ...

      1-5. My tutelary deity Radhasoami is a deep ocean (of love, bliss
      and knowledge); none can fathom its depth, 0 Brother! This ocean is
      full of the stores of jewels where there are priceless rubies
      symbolising hidden mysteries. In the ocean, the fish-like surat
      keeps on sporting, and all the afflictions and black activities of
      Kaal turn pallid. Inside of me, the current of love copiously flows;
      it is only a close associate who can drink this quintessential
      beverage (experience this love and this bliss). The lovely surat
      reverts towards the third til (third eye, sixth ganglion) and
      there it witnesses the radiant flame (jyoti).

      6-10. Then I opened the aperture of Sahasdal Kanwal and penetrated
      into it; crossing the Crooked Tunnel, nescience (avidya} became
      twisted, disjointed and spasmodic. The wheel of matter (Maya) was
      driven away and with great care I caught the glimpses of Brahman.
      Then I experienced the resonance of anhad (Unstruck Melody)
      conveying the sense of the spiritual mystique; getting into Sunn
      (the Sphere of Spirit) the sound resonates animatedly.

      I now make an offering of my body and mind to the guru; I go on
      singing paean and songs of His virtue indefatigably. How shall I
      sing of the majesty and magnificence of the pole of the guru (guru-
      pad, i.e. the Region of Three Prominences or Trikuti); ever and anon
      I make an oblation of myself to Him.

      11-15. I hid the form of the guru in my heart of hearts; and then
      inside of me I open the gate to the Lord. The guru carries me along
      with him, and shows me the form of Satt Purush in the sphere that is
      spaceless and timeless (adhar). He shows me the gardens of lotuses
      and makes me sport with the hamsas (purified spirits). That bliss is
      ineffable (too intense to be expressed in words and too sacred to be
      uttered); my surat is becoming saturated (bheej rahi) with the
      ambrosial water of the beauty of the countenance of Satt Purush. The
      ambrosial rain is continually falling; and the current of nectar is
      percolating every moment.

      16-22. The mind is diving and plunging headlong (into that ocean of
      love and bliss); the surat becomes roused and stirred, and all the
      darkness (of nescience and ignorance) is dispelled and dispersed. It
      is only a rare noble spirit and a sincere devotee who loves this
      bliss, who can perceive this and comes close for sport. Hearing the
      discourses of the guru, I laugh expressing my mirth and merriment,
      bliss and beatitude, and I begin to abide at the feet of Radhasoami.

      Every moment, I intensify and augment my love for Him, so that the
      guru's form begins to wear a new, wondrous look. I become oblivious
      of my sight as well as breath and I lose consciousness of my body
      and mind. The form of the guru is becoming so agreeable and lovable
      that I become enamoured of it as the red-legged partridge is
      enamoured of the moon. Radhasoami has, in His will and discretion,
      put on such a form that I reduced myself to the level of the dust of
      His feet (i.e. I became so humble and dependent on Him as to lose my
      individuality and ego altogether). (Bhajan/Discourse Six, Shabd/Hymn
      Two, The Quintessential Discourse Radhasoami Poetry, Volume One,
      M.G. Gupta)

      The Sar Bachan of Soami Ji Maharaj in three new volumes:
      "The Quintessential Discourse Radhasoami -- Sar Bachan Radhasoami
      Poetry, Volume One", and,
      "The Quintessential Discourse Radhasoami -- Sar Bachan Radhasoami
      Poetry, Volume Two",
      "The Quintessential Discourse Radhasoami -- Sar Bachan Radhasoami

      Translation into Contemporary English, Commentary and Footnotes,
      by M.G. Gupta

      Prose: 81-85532-33-8
      Poetry Volume One: 81-85532-34-6
      Poetry Volume Two: 81-85532-35-4

      Publisher: MG Publishers, Agra, India

      *Prose: https://www.vedamsbooks.com/no21697.htm
      *Poetry I: https://www.vedamsbooks.com/no40511.htm
      **Poetry II: https://www.vedamsbooks.com/no40512.htm

      *Rumi (also M.G. Gupta): https://www.vedamsbooks.com/no40564.htm
      *Sarmad (MG Gupta): https://www.vedamsbooks.com/no40563.htm
      *Hafiz (by MG Gupta):

      *North American Importer of Indian Spiritual Books including Sant
      Mat books: Nataraj:
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