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Exalted Precepts (Guru Updesh)

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  • santmat_mystic ( James )
    frm: Exalted Precepts (Guru Updesh) By Huzur Maharaj Radhasoami Reality: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Radhasoami-Reality {Radhaswami Dayal ki Daya Radhaswami
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 10, 2006
      frm: Exalted Precepts (Guru Updesh)
      By Huzur Maharaj

      Radhasoami Reality:
      {Radhaswami Dayal ki Daya Radhaswami Sahai:
      "Grant Merciful Radhasoami Thy Grace and Protection"}

      1) Radhasoami is tho Name of the Supreme Lord.

      2) The Supreme Lord has the Form of Word (Shabda, inner Sound-
      Light), Love, Bliss and Joy.

      3) The Supreme Lord is Omnipresent and has a fixed Abode.

      4) The Supreme Lord very Mercifully assumed the Form of Param Sant
      Satguru for the jivas (souls) and descended to this world for the
      purpose of redemption of the jivas (souls).

      5) The Supreme Lord extends His Grace on all but especially on those
      who have come under His protection and who always remember Him. They
      are His own loved ones.

      7) "I" and "you" are Spirits (Surats). The spirit is the part of the
      Supreme Lord like the sun and its ray.

      8) The part always remains in bliss with the Whole.

      9) This bliss is not available in the world; it can be available
      only at the Holy Feet of the Supreme Lord.

      10) If the spirit reaches the Holy Feet of the Supreme Lord on
      withdrawing from this world, it will attain eternal bliss.

      52) One should spend at least two hours during the day in the
      worship of the Lord, Bhajan [listening to the inner Sound Current]
      and Simran [repeating the Name], etc.... and, as time becomes
      available, it should be increased. Any time one gets the company of
      the Sant Satguru it should be availed of watchfully.

      53) One should not pray to the True Lord or Sant Satguru for worldly
      advancement. He knows about the needs of the soul and Himself grants
      whatever He thinks proper. If your mind does not agree, then one
      should disclose his desire at the time of Bhajan and leave the
      result thereof to His will (Mauj) and continue his efforts.

      54) One should pray now and then for True Love and devotion before
      the True Lord and Sant Satguru, but one should not be in a hurry or
      be adamant, for, on the non-fulfilment of that desire, the mind will
      loose faith and belief.

      55) The human body is the highest because it is in this body that
      one can perform devotion to the Lord. Therefore such karmas
      (actions) should not be performed that the human body is wasted and
      one may have to pass through the cycle of birth and death

      56) In order to perform bhakti (devotion, worship) one should know
      the true Name, the Abode, the Form and the Glory of the Supreme
      Being. Then one would be able to concentrate on Him properly.

      57) Complete redemption will not be possible by artificial or
      attributive names. For this the secret of the Real Name has to be
      known. The Real Name is all the time reverberating in our own being
      and can be heard by practising Surat Shabda Yoga.

      59) Real satisfaction will only come when Surat (the soul, spirit)
      and mind attain the bliss of higher regions and the bliss will
      increase more and more as one ascends to higher and higher regions.
      On reaching the real abode one would get full satisfaction and
      complete bliss.

      60) The religion of the Saints is very easy to follow, so much so
      that the practice prescribed by it can be performed by a child of
      seven years, by a young person or an old person of eighty years,
      male or female. It is limited to four words:

      True Guide,

      True Name,

      True Association (Satsang), and,

      True Love.
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