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Using the name "Kabir" he will trap many souls in this world -- Prophecies

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  • santmat_mystic ( James )
    Using the name Kabir he will trap many souls in this world -- Prophecies of the Future, and of the Present, Part One [Radhasoami Reality]:
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      Using the name "Kabir" he will trap many souls in this world --
      Prophecies of the Future, and of the Present, Part One

      [Radhasoami Reality]:
      {Radhaswami Dayal ki Daya Radhaswami Sahai:
      "Grant Merciful Radhasoami Thy Grace and Protection"}

      I can see why the Anurag Sagar has been such a popular book over the
      generations, as it itemizes so nicely the quintessential teachings
      of Sant Mat. The Anurag Sagar ("Ocean of Love") is an epic of Sant
      Dharam Das that summarizes the teachings of Guru Kabir. There is a
      section of Anurag Sagar that is in the format of prophecy consisting
      of predictions about several false "kabirs" that are to appear
      during Kali Yuga to delude souls, though under the pretense of
      enlightening souls. These predictions are about certain "Yam Doots"
      or "Messengers of Death".

      Predictions about the first two Yam Doots are below. I'll post two
      more in a few days. At the end of each prediction are helpful notes
      about "Kurambh Doot" and "Rambh Doot".

      According to Professor Juergensmeyer in his book, Radhasoami
      Reality, Princeton University Press, some of those predictions may
      actually have been polemical against certain kabir panth groups or
      teachers around during the 17th century, not necessarily groups or
      gurus in the far distant future. Nevertheless, it is always
      liberating to notice universal principals and parallels whenever
      they occur. Each generation of time deals with these same issues and
      choices. "Nothing new under the sun", as the saying goes.

      The heart of the true devotee is always self-introspective, seeking
      to examine their own condition, and prays along with Sant Dharam
      Das: "0 Master, don't delay! Tell me the nature of the false paths.
      Tell me the forms of those Messengers of Death, their signs, and
      also their effects. Which form have they taken in the world, and how
      do they trap the souls? Where will they manifest? 0 Lord, You tell
      me all."



      Kurambh Doot
      Description of Kurambh Doot

      I will describe the qualities of Kurambh.

      He will manifest in Magadh (the southern part of Bihar), and will

      bear the name "Dhanidas."

      Kurambh Doot will set up many traps, and by his knowledge he will

      mislead the souls.

      Yama will destroy by deceit those who have ordinary knowledge

      within them.

      Dharam Das said:

      0 Lord, tell me about the knowledge he will give out.

      Kabir said:

      Dharam Das, listen to the trap of Kurambh: He will firmly create

      a trap by telling true things.

      He will keep people devoted to the sun and moon, and constantly

      he will talk about the phases of the moon.

      He will describe the five elements as the most important thing, and

      the unwise soul will not understand his deception.

      He will spread the path of astrology, bringing the soul under the

      control of the visible planets. He will make the souls forget the


      Giving out the knowledge of water and air, he will describe the

      names of air.

      He will present many interpretations of arti and chauka, and

      the souls, he will mislead them.

      When he makes someone his disciple he will do special things: he

      will read the lines of every single part of the body. I

      0 brother, he will examine from head to foot. Putting the souls in

      the trap of Karma, he will mislead them.

      After examining the souls, he will hang them on a spear, and after

      hanging, he will eat them.

      He will make the souls sacrifice gold and women as donations, and

      in this way he will plunder the souls.

      Tying up the souls he will cause them to go back and forth, and

      them in their deeds, he will make them the disciples of


      There are eighty-five winds of Kal. Writing the names of these

      winds on the betel leaves, he will make the souls eat them.

      Talking about the water and the wind, he will spread the path, and

      in the name of the winds he will perform the arti.

      Visualizing the eighty-five winds, he will thoughtfully perform the

      arti and chauka.

      0 brother, he will examine the mole and warts everywhere on the

      body, whether male or female.

      From head to foot he will read all the lines. He will examine the

      "conch," "circle," and the "oyster."

      0 brother, such are the evil ways of Kal by which he will create

      doubt in the soul.

      By creating doubts, Kal will devour the souls and will make their

      condition very bad.

      Listen to more ways of Kal. Whatever he speaks will be false.

      By creating sixty divisions of time and twelve months he will create

      illusion in the body.

      He will pretend to give the simran of the naam which is full of five

      nectars, essence of Shabda, abode of qualities.

      Whatever has been made for the soul -- Kal plans to put his deception

      in that.

      He will tell about the use of five elements, saying that this is the


      Five elements, twenty-five natures, three gunas, and fourteen

      yamas will be called God by him.

      0 brother, this Yama has created the snare of five elements in which

      he will trap the souls.

      Being in the body, if one puts his attention on the elements, where

      will he go after leaving the body?

      Where his desire is, there will he reside-as his attention is in the

      elements, he will go into the elements.

      He will make one leave the contemplation of Naam and will keep

      him trapped in the physical.

      0 Dharam Das, what more can I say! This Kurambh Doot will do

      atrocious deeds.

      Only the soul who understands and merges into me, will recognize

      his deceptive nature.

      All of the five elements are part of Kal. Following them the jivas



      Dharam Das, you have listened to the play of Kurambh who will

      create many traps and catch the souls.

      By spreading the path of the elements, he will devour countless


      In the name of Kabir he will establish his path in the world.

      The souls who go to him, being controlled by illusion, will fall in

      mouth of Kal.


      Simran, which is full of nectar and precious qualities, is the

      of Sat Purush's Shabda.

      Those who will accept It firmly in thought, word, and deed will

      cross the ocean of the world.


      KURAMB DHOOT: "He will create the trap by telling true things" which
      are unimportant for the salvation of the soul. This is the path of
      absorption in physical phenomena, and is another classic distortion
      of Sant Mat. Astrology, palmistry, dieting, physical healing -- the
      emphasis is always on the five elements at the expense of the soul.
      The individual may consider that he is on the Path, but where is his
      attention? "As his attention is in the elements, he will go into the
      elements. He will make one leave the contemplation of Naam and will
      keep him trapped in the physical." This path also is often taught in
      the name of some Master.

      Rambh Doot
      Description of Rambh Doot

      Rambh Doot will set up his residence in Kalinjer Garh.

      He will be called the devotee of the Lord, and will bear the same

      name. He will take on many souls. Those who will be true to

      their hearts, will be saved from this poisonous trap of Yama.

      Rambh Yama is mighty and hostile. He will condemn you and me.

      He will condemn arti, initiation, Sat Lok, and other planes.

      He will condemn the Scriptures, and the Knowledge of Naam.

      Seriously he will utter the Ramainis of Kal.

      He will argue over my Words, and many will be caught in his trap.

      Taking my Name, he will constantly spread the path in all four

      He will call himself "Kabir" and will say that I am controlled by the

      five elements.

      He will say that the souls are Sat Purush, and deceiving the souls,

      will condemn Sat Purush.

      He will say that this Kabir is the god of souls, and he will also

      the creator "Kabir."

      But the creator is Kal, who gives pain to the souls, and like him,

      Yam Doot will attract the souls.

      Those who perform rites and rituals will be called the "Sat Purush"

      by him, and hiding Sat Purush, he will manifest his own self.

      If the soul himself is everything, then how could it be suffering all

      this pain?

      Being controlled by the five elements the souls suffer-and still he

      calls them equal to Sat Purush?

      The Body of Sat Purush is Immortal and Forever Young. He has

      many skills, and His Beauty bears no shadow.

      Still, this Doot of Yama will condemn Him, and will say that the

      souls are Sat Purush.

      Then he will go to the ocean and will see his own shadow. Seeing

      himself as the Wordless, he will be deceived.

      Without the mirror he will see his own form! 0 Dharam Das, this

      "Guru" is the uniquely reachable one!


      Listen, Dharam Das. In this way the limitless mighty Rambh will

      play the deception.

      Singing the name "Kabir" he will trap many souls in this world.

      Using the Sign of Shabda, you should awaken the Essence and the


      Using the Knowledge given by the Master, test the Shabda and

      It in your heart.


      0 Dharam Das, be wary within yourself when Yamraj plays this


      Having faith in Shabda, awaken the souls in Shabda.


      RAMBH DOOT: The path of Rambh Doot is that particular distortion of
      Sant Mat which can be called "intellectual non-dualism." The
      Masters, including Kabir, teach the basic unity of the universe and
      the ultimate identification of the liberated soul with God; Rambh
      Doot is teaching that the bound soul is one with God [and that there
      is no God other than it), and therefore needs no initiation, no
      Master, etc. This teaching also ignores the inner planes and the
      existence of the Negative Power: these, like initiation, etc., are
      seen as dualistic and therefore inferior. The result of this
      teaching on its unfortunate devotee is the compounding of the
      illusion: since he is already awake, why should he make any effort to
      wake up? He lulls himself back to sleep with affirmations of his

      SEE HIS OWN SHADOW: The ocean is the Bhav Sugar, the ocean of the
      world. When he sees his shadow -- his relative stature in the lower
      world -- he is convinced of his mightiness and thinks of himself as
      God. This is a very Blakeian image.

      (Anurag Sagar)

      [To Be Continued........]
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