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Anurag Sagar, from Volume Three,

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  • santmat_mystic ( James )
    Anurag Sagar, from Volume Three Anurag Sagar (The Ocean of Love), published by the Association of Radhasoami [Radhasoami Reality]:
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 8, 2005
      Anurag Sagar, from Volume Three

      Anurag Sagar (The Ocean of Love),
      published by the Association of Radhasoami

      [Radhasoami Reality]:
      {Radhaswami Dayal ki Daya Radhaswami Sahai:
      "Grant Merciful Radhasoami Thy Grace and Protection"}

      "Oh Dharam Dass! The unkind people, the creatures of 'Kal' will not
      accept the teaching of Naam (Word). They will follow the dictates of
      their mind and will not have a desire to do good deeds. They will do
      evil deeds and entangle people in quarrels and controversies."

      The people with unsteady vision will not be able to concentrate
      during meditation.

      They will talk of otherworldly things and of uniting people with
      God. They will dress up as if they are Godlike. Consider them as
      disguised persons of Kal.

      Dharam Dass requested Kabir sahib, "Please tell me how to know the
      identity of those souls (people) who are to be initiated and who are
      not to be? How can I distinguish between them? Oh my Lord! you are
      all knowing. You only can reveal this secret."

      Kabir sahib said, "Oh Dharam Dass! You have to judge whether the
      person is humble and desirous of salvation through worship."

      Kabir sahib further said, "Before initiation, it is to be seen that
      the person possesses kindness and forgiveness. If he possesses these
      qualities then he should be initiated".

      You have to see that the person is capable of meditating day or
      night. Then only initiate him into Naam.

      "Oh Dharam Dass! When the heart of a disciple is purified by
      initiation and meditation, then he is blessed with the glimpse of
      his Guru (Master) within himself."

      "Oh Dharam Dass! the knowledge which you have received from me is
      the inner knowledge of supreme bliss. Through this knowledge you can
      reach and attain Gurpad". It is the stage on the way to the Supreme
      Abode. It is above Trikuti (the appellation of second spiritual
      region). On reaching this stage one is enlightened with the
      knowledge to get rid of delusion and attachment for worldly things.
      There is no substitute or alternative of this knowledge."

      "Oh Dharam Dass! It is a secret, which every body does not know."

      "Oh Dharam Dass, after enlightenment, delusive attachment for
      worldly pleasures goes away just as darkness disappears after

      "Oh Dharam Dass! when a person is initiated and during meditation,
      when his attention is retraced from the toes of his feet to behind
      the eyes, then first thing he sees is 'Sakha Jyoti' (a friendly
      appealing light). Next he reaches 'Jhinjari dweep' (region), where
      he see 'Jhilmil Jyoti' (flickering light). Further he reaches
      Sahansdal Kanwal (appellation of the first spiritual region), where
      he comes across 'Jagmag Jyoti' (a gleaming light). After that when
      his soul reaches 'Daswan Dwar' (the tenth aperture, appellation of
      the third spiritual region), there he sees a lake of Nectar
      (Amritsar) and is baptised in it. Here the soul attains the light
      equivalent to the light of twelve suns. Reaching next stage, "Sach
      Khand", soul attains light equal to 16 suns. Then after crossing the
      Alakh and Agam desh (sixth and seventh spiritual regions) the soul
      reaches Anami Desh, the eighth and the highest spiritual region.
      Here it merges into God. We say it has united with God and there is
      no difference between Soul and God. Its state is like a drop of
      water which when dropped in the sea, loses its identity by mixing in
      the water of sea. It becomes the ocean."
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