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Even the Smallest Particle of Love ....... Discourses of Maharaj

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    Even the Smallest Particle of Love ....... Discourses of Maharaj Saheb [Radhasoami Reality]: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/­RADHASOAMI-REALITY {Radhaswami
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      Even the Smallest Particle of Love ....... Discourses of Maharaj

      [Radhasoami Reality]:
      {Radhaswami Dayal ki Daya Radhaswami Sahai:
      "Grant Merciful Radhasoami Thy Grace and Protection"}
      [Sant Mat Fellowship]:
      {"That Supreme Being has created everything from one drop,
      out of which have emerged millions of fathomless oceans."
      -- Swami Ji Maharaj}

      "Even the smallest particle of Love is superior to performance
      of spiritual practices for a hundred years." -- Maharaj Saheb

      "The soul as well as it's Creator, both are within the physical
      body. The soul is not required to search for his Creator anywhere
      else. Ages have passed since the soul has been here in this world.
      His attention having been diverted by the objects of illusion, he
      has lost all Knowledge of his Creator. If he now gets the company of
      the Sant Satguru, hears His spiritual discourses attentively,
      ruminates upon them, and performs the meditation practices taught by
      Him, then, of course, he can have a Vision of the Creator within
      himself." -- Huzur Maharaj, "Prem Updesh Radhaswami"

      *PICTURE of Maharaj Sahab #1:

      **PICTURE of Maharaj Sahab #2:

      ***PICTURE of Maharaj Sahab #3:

      Very great is the bondage of the body. Total is the captivity, and
      strange the curtain. The apertures formed in the body also open
      outward. The doors to the internal apertures are totally blocked.
      Heavy barriers have been imposed; it is difficult to penetrate them.
      The captivity is very great, indeed. The surat [the soul], which is
      an emanation from the Supreme Being, has got into this captivity and
      is becoming one with the body and the mind. When the mind, which has
      been asleep for ages, wakes up, then, of course, emancipation of
      Surat can be effected.

      The Guru helps you proceed further.
      Your mind, asleep for ages, will then
      awaken. Passing through Banknal,
      you will come to Trikuti and then
      to Sunn, and see the Mansarovar lake.
      The region where Hansas (celestial
      beings) abide in all gracefulness, is
      exceedingly fascinating.
      (Sar Bachan Poetry Volume One)

      It is not only one or two Surats but innumerable Surats which have
      been imprisoned, nay, this region as a whole is in captivity. This
      captivity has been imposed by Kal. The entire creation brought about
      by him is in captivity. When a being or denizen of Sat Desh makes
      his advent here and gives out the secrets thereof, and takes the
      Surats there with him, then, of course, release from this captivity
      can be attained. Otherwise, it is not in the power of anybody to get
      release from this prison-house by his own strength and exertions.

      Such a being, who is a denizen of Sat Desh, is called a Sant-
      incarnate. This region is an alien region, a stronghold of Kal.
      Detach yourself from here, fix your attention within, penetrate the
      Til [Third Eye Center] with the help of Virah (yearning) and Prem
      (love), unite with the Holy Feet, listen to Shabd, drink nectar,
      leave this region and repair to that above. This is what constitutes
      Sant Mat.

      -- Maharaj Saheb
      "Discourses of Maharaj Saheb"
      Agra, India

      People develop love for different persons and things. This
      attachment would lead to trouble. Love for the Supreme Lord is
      eternal and leads to everlasting bliss, while love of the world is
      transitory and leads to suffering. If a person who has deep love and
      affection for another person, meets him but does not pay any
      attention to him, naturally, that person will not be pleased. In the
      same way, if the devotee who says he loves the Lord but does not sit
      for spiritual practices and remains entangled in thoughts pertaining
      to the world, how can the Supreme Lord be pleased with him? The
      Supreme Lord desires that the jiva should have communion with Him
      and He is calling him also internally but the jiva turns again and
      again towards the world. It is only when one develops true love for
      the Lord that he can achieve the object of his life. He would attain
      purity within himself and all the dirt and impurities would be
      removed. Love of the Lord is a gift from Him. Whosoever gets this
      gift is extremely fortunate. Even the smallest particle of Love is
      superior to performance of spiritual practices for a hundred years.
      What is required is that one should in a subtle manner keep the Lord
      in his mind and he should feel some yearning and restlessness for
      the Lord's darshan [Vision] at all times. One should pray to the
      Lord for being granted such yearning and restlessness. When it is
      His Mauj [Will] and it is proper, He would grant this prayer.

      -- Maharaj Saheb
      "Selected Bachans of Param Guru Maharaj Sahab"
      Agra, India

      O my dear! How can I survive without my Beloved?
      My body and mind are getting consumed.
      (Sar Bachan Poetry Volume Two)

      A Virahi (love-sick) remains worried day and night as to how to meet
      the Beloved. The pangs of separation from the Beloved keep on
      shooting up in the heart all the time. Darshan [Vision] of the Lord
      is had when the heart is broken to pieces.

      When shall I meet the Beloved? Oh! when shall I?
      My heart is rending. When will that auspicious
      day come when I shall have His Darshan to my
      heart's content? Without Darshan there is no peace.
      The mind is in restless trepidation. Charan Das says
      that except the Guru's holy feet, what is there to remove
      my suffering? The sigh that comes out is sorrowful and
      the breath is heavy. The face has turned pale, lips dry
      and the eyes are staring sadly. The flame of yearning is
      ablaze, heart is burning and the bosom is rendered
      perforated. I have gone mad. How can anyone
      understand the secret!
      (Sant Sangrah Part 1, p. 148, cs. 7.10)

      Burning in the fire of yearning, I keep on wandering
      about. My burning is so intense that I am scared to
      sit under the shade of a tree, lest it may set fire to the
      tree itself. When, with anguish and grief, my bosom burst
      into pieces, I was blessed with the Darshan of Radhasoami.
      (Soami Ji Maharaj, Sar Bachan Poetry Volume One)

      If lovers do not express by words of mouth, their faces show that
      they are absorbed in love.

      When love is engendered in one's heart,
      one cannot hide it. If it is not expressed
      through speech, the eyes will express it
      through tears.
      (Sant Sangrah Part I, p. 38, c. 14)

      The condition of a Virahi does not necessarily always remain one of
      sorrow and grief due to separation. When he gets Darshan of the
      Beloved, all his pain and suffering are gone, and he becomes
      absorbed in love.

      -- Maharaj Saheb
      "Discourses of Maharaj Saheb"
      Agra, India
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