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Catechism of the Radhasoami Faith

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      [Radhasoami Reality]:
      {Radhaswami Dayal ki Daya Radhaswami Sahai:
      "Grant Merciful Radhasoami Thy Grace and Protection"}

      Catechism of the Radhasoami Faith
      By Huzur Maharaj

      How is the Abhyas (spiritual practices) of Surat Shabd Yoga
      The Current of Shabd (Sound) is coming from higher regions. It is
      resounding and reverberating in the inner recesses of every being at
      all times. This Shabd or Sound is to be heard by the Surat or spirit, i.e., one has to apply one's Surat to the Current of Shabd inside, and raise it along the same Current, beyond Pind and Brahmand. This Abhyas (practice) is called Surat Shabd Yoga [union of the soul with the Divine Light and Sound Current].

      Is the Current of Shabd is coming down from above, how will the
      current of Surat rise upward along with it? Surat rises up like a
      fish in a current of water falling down from above. A detailed account can be had from Sat Guru of the time or with His permission from any sincere Abhyasi or Satsangi.

      How is Abhyas (practice) performed?
      Bhajan is the practice of listening internally to the heavenly
      Sound, and raising Surat along with it. Dhyan is the practice of
      fixing internally Surat, mind and sight on the form of the Sant Sat
      Guru. Sumiran is the practice of repeating mentally the Holy Name
      RADHASOAMI. These are the three modes of Abhyas (spiritual practices
      and devotional exercises). For persons possessing greater adhikar
      (fitness), Bhajan is the main practice, and Sumiran and Dhyan are
      subsidiary. Whereas for persons of lesser adhikar (fitness), greater
      stress is on Dhyan and Sumiran, Bhajan is secondary. In other words,
      advanced Abhyasis (practitioners) should collect and concentrate
      their mind and spirit, disengaging them from all internal and
      external thoughts and activities, and engage in Bhajan, i.e., in
      listening attentively to the Sound Current. The less advanced
      Abhyasis should, in the first instance, perform Sumiran and Dhyan
      for some time, for collecting and concentrating their mind and
      spirit, and then engage in Bhajan, Abhyasis of both the classes
      should, whenever they get time, recite Bani (compositions) and read
      discourses of Sants intelligently, grasping their true import, and
      should act accordingly as far as they can. Persons of the third
      category, i.e., of the least adhikar (fitness), should engage in
      Sewa (service, seva) of the Sant Sat Guru of the time and attend His
      Satsang. They should also perform Sumiran and Dhyan, as much as they
      can, and recite Banis and read discourses intelligently and act upon
      the teachings as far as possible. Detailed knowledge on this topic
      can be had from the Sant Satguru, and He alone knows the class or
      category to which a Satsangi belongs.

      What is real love?
      To turn inside all the currents of Surat which are engrossed in
      senses and their pleasures, by Abhyas (spiritual practices) and
      apply them (currents of Surat) to the real form of the Supreme
      Being, namely, Shabd, and be always absorbed in its bliss, is
      internal love.

      What time will it take to gain access to higher regions by
      performance of Abhyas?
      There is no hard and fast rule. It wall depends upon sincere
      yearning and love, purity of mind and the extent of efforts. A high
      class Satsangi can attain in days what others cannot do in years.
      Nevertheless, an average devotee will begin to experience some bliss
      and joy in his Abhyas (practices) in a few days, and after
      performing Abhyas for three or four years, he will himself come to
      know what time will be required for his Surat to reach any higher
      region partially.

      Prem Updesh Radhasoami
      By Huzur Maharaj

      Those who have intense desire for Darshan [Vision] get special grace
      and mercy. In other words, He grants them Darshan and experience of
      His omnipotence. He effects purification of their mind and spirit,
      and elevates them to higher regions. The object is that they may, in
      their lifetime, see for themselves the spectacles of the higher
      regions and make progress within themselves. Thus they may see that
      their salvation is in the process. Great would be the love and faith
      of such devotees. Others would have them much less. But Huzur
      Radhasoami Dayal is increasing the love and faith of all.

      Exalted Precepts -- Guru Updesh
      By Huzur Maharaj

      This withdrawal and true bliss is realized by Surat Shabda Yoga.

      Listening to the Word (Shabda) internally by the spirit [soul] is
      Surat Shabda Yoga.

      There is no Guide equal to the Shabda nor one that enlightens the
      darkness, and the entire work of the creation is being powered by
      the Shabda.

      The Word (Shabda) is reverberating all the time in one's own self.
      The Surat [soul or spirit entity] can reach its true abode listening
      to this Word [Internal Sound, Shabda].
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